​​​​​​​ (Please note: resumes submitted to this email address will not be reviewed or responded to)


How do I find out which vacancies are available in the country where I live?

If you want to know if Philips has job vacancies in your country and/or functional area of interest, please visit the Job Search page, select your country of residence and perform a search using the Function and Location filter options.

Do you offer internships in my country of interest?

If you want to know if Philips has internships in your country of interest, please: visit Job search page on our Careers website (for opportunities in EMEA and APAC).

What's the best way to contact a Recruiter at Philips?

To make sure your application gets to the right person, it must be linked to a specific vacancy via our Job Search section. Therefore, it's best to first apply to a specific role with your preferred social media profile (i.e. LinkedIn) or by submitting your CV/resume. A recruiter will then contact you if your profile is assessed as a potential fit for the role.

Do you have a contact or email address where I can send my CV/resume?

To ensure fairness and legal compliance in our recruitment processes, we only accept CV/resumes (or links to social media profiles such as LinkedIn) that are sent when applying to a specific vacancy on our Job Search section. We do not review or respond to unsolicited resume submissions via email.

How do I know if you have received my application?

If you have applied for a job at Philips via our Job Search section, you will receive an automated e-mail response confirming receipt of your application. Note that our goal is to keep valued candidates like you informed of your status throughout the recruitment process. However, due to the large volume of applications we receive, we are unable to personally respond to each one every time. If you meet the job profile requirements, you will be contacted directly by a recruiter for an interview.

You can always track the status of your application online independently by logging in to your account on the Careers at Philips section on our website. Once on the page, select the “Sign in” button in the top of teh website.

What should I expect during Philips recruitment process?

There are 3 major phases in the hiring process – Application & First Assessment, Interviews and Decisions. More details can be found on “ Our recruitment process ” page of our Careers website.

What factors are considered when Philips reviews my CV/resume? How do I know I'm part of a fair and unbiased process?

First, we consider the qualifications required by the role compared to those outlined in your completed application. Qualifications include, but are not limited to education, certifications, past work experience, and skills. One of Philips' core values as a company is acting with integrity. As such, we are committed to role modeling fair and inclusive hiring practices while acting in accordance to all local market regulations and labor laws.

I was not hired for a specific job. Will I be considered for other jobs at Philips in the future?

We would be very happy to consider your application again: to show your interest in a specific role and make sure your profile is considered, submit a separate application for each role you are interested in via our Job Search section.

What's the best way to stay updated on job opportunities at Philips?

We encourage you to visit the Career Center to explore what it's like to work at Philips and the impact you can make in one of our functional areas. You can always find a list of open positions by running a Job Search . Additionally, the Philips Talent Newsflash can deliver hot jobs, interesting company news and career tips directly to your inbox each quarter. You can sign up to receive it here .

What's the Philips Talent Newsflash? Where can I sign up?

Our Philips Talent Newsflash is a way to learn more about our company, obtain careers tips, stay connected to advancements in health technology and be inspired by the unique career experiences of those working in this industry. The newsletter is sent once each quarter. You can always sign up to be on the distribution list here .

I have received suspicious communications ‘from Philips.' What should I do?

We have been notified of a number of incidents of people or organizations falsely claiming to recruit on behalf of Philips. It has come to our attention that these people or organizations are sending invitations for an interview and then asking money to be sent to a bank account. They make unauthorized use of the Philips letterhead in their communications. Please note that Philips has not authorized any such correspondence, and that Philips has no agreement with these parties. Philips will never ask for any kind of financial payment in connection to or exchange for a job interview. Please note that any requests of such nature are fraudulent and should not be pursued.

Philips advises candidates to remain alert of any suspicious communications. In case of doubt, you can always visit our Job Search section to check if the vacancy being referenced to in the correspondence is listed or forward the communication to phishing@philips.com for appropriate follow-up.

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Mr Viroj Vithayaveroj,
General Manager of Philips Thailand

When today’s jobseekers think of working in tech, images of social media startups and digital companies come to mind. And while a career in tech appears extremely appealing and life-changing, another equally significant but often overlooked tech career can be  life-preserving.

More than light bulbs and TVs

Philips has been in Thailand for 65 years, and its name has primarily been associated with lighting and electronics. But with Mr. Viroj Vithayaveroj at the helm as General Manager for Philips, that impression is changing for the better.

Solutions made faster and easier​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

And much like the trend for all things tech, Philips continues to innovate its healthcare offerings so that more Thais have access to them. Starting out as a provider for high-end medical equipment, they’re now branching out in the value segment. And that means products that are portable and fit seamlessly in any home and lifestyle.

We started with x-ray machines in Thailand, and today, we are the number one brand in cardiology and radiology machines.”

“We’re no longer in the business of selling boxes. We’re in the business of selling solutions. And more than ever, we want to be involved in people’s lifestyles.”

The Philips health continuum

You may not realize it right away, but Philips has been making a difference in the everyday lives of Thais. Mr. Vithayaveroj cites their bestselling Airfryer1 as an example. More households are using it to lower their oil consumption and stay healthier, without sacrificing the flavor and enjoyment of their favorite fried dishes. Philips has even innovated a solution for the stress that may come from doing daily chores – like ironing! “Our PerfectCare Iron2 has technology that prevents users from burning clothes while ironing. Before, my wife used to iron both our clothes; now I can iron my own because it’s so easy!”

These examples illustrate part of the Health Continuum3 that Philips has at its core. Apart from products that help with healthy living, Philips also continues to innovate in the realms of prevention, diagnosis, treatment, recovery, and home care. So that whatever age, condition, or life stage you and your family are in – the latest innovations by Philips are designed to make it better.

New teammates bring new thinking
With technology moving at such a rapid pace, Philips has a workforce that meets the challenge. One of the most important things they’re doing is revitalizing their team with new employees. “We’ve recently brought in pharmacists, and they’ve helped change old processes and bring in new thinking.” According to Mr. Vithayaveroj, working at Philips makes you part of a team of like-minded professionals that treat each other like family. It also provides the opportunity to connect with a multinational network that has a shared vision for innovation.

More importantly, being part of Philips means working to benefit your peers in Thailand. For the past few years, Philips has brought its medical equipment to the more rural areas of Thailand, to help those who are truly in need. Every member of the workforce becomes CPR-certified. They are given opportunities to make a difference on both a personal and national level.

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