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Diversity and inclusion at Philips Australia & New Zealand

At Philips we believe a diverse, inclusive and engaged workforce is an essential element to a thriving innovative business and we strive to attract employees from a wide range of backgrounds. At Philips we hold ourselves and the organization accountable for progress in Diversity and Inclusion and fostering an innovative, collaborative and high-energy work environment.

Our commitment:

Championing workforce diversity. We embrace unique individuals regardless of race, color, age, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, language, religion, political or other opinion, disability, national or social origin or birth.
Valuing diverse perspectives. We leverage the diverse thinking, skills, experience and working styles of everyone in our company.
Building a flexible organization. We provide opportunities for work arrangements that accommodate the diverse needs of people at different career and life stages.
Respecting stakeholder diversity. We develop strong and sustainable relationships with diverse stakeholders including customers, communities, governments, suppliers and shareholder.

Making Philips a great place to work for everyone, everywhere everyone, everywhere
When you’re at your best, we’re at ours

We make sure that in the recruitment process gender representation within Philips better reflects our customer base and workforce.

Flexible work and purchased leave
Every employee can request flexibility in their work arrangements, with opportunities to purchase up to four more weeks of time off per year.

Pay equity
​​​​​​​We regularly review how we pay across all jobs within the business and take action to ensure that people performing similar roles at same levels of performance are paid equitably, regardless of gender.
Domestic violence support
We provide paid leave for employees experiencing the effects of domestic and intimate partner violence.


Parental leave

To support parents taking time off work to care for a newborn child we offer primary carers 18 weeks full pay, plus financial support upon return to work.

Research indicates that women typically retire with significantly less retirement savings than men, with career breaks to raise children as cited as a key reason. We’re doing our part to address that inequity by fully funding superannuation for primary carers on parental leave for up to 52 weeks.

Grandparents leave

We know that grandparents play a vital role supporting their extended family when a new baby comes along, so we offer additional leave for them to make that important contribution.

Late Career Transition

We offer support to our staff considering a path to retirement by providing career consultants to work with them to consider and map the personal, financial and emotional aspect of this transition. In doing so we support our older workers plot a course that works best for them and for Philips, and which provides them an opportunity to pass on valuable skills and knowledge, leaving a lasting legacy at Philips.

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