The work of your life

We offer our people the opportunity to work on
projects that have real impact on the lives of millions,
in a place where innovative collaboration is supported
and flourishes. And we recognize that personal and
professional lives are not separate and distinct, but that
feeling fulfilled and supported outside of work makes
our people even more creative, innovative and productive.
That's why working at Philips is not just a job, but a career
in which you’ll grow, make deep connections, work with
inspirational minds and make a real, lasting and
measurable difference to the world. Not just work,
but doing the work of your life to help the lives of others.

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Make a world of difference

An expectant mother in Tanzania. A father in Japan who's just suffered a stroke. A young cancer patient in Colombia. A grandmother in Spain heading into surgery.

Imagine going to work every day knowing that what you do matters to real people around the world. Your daily accomplishments will shape the products, solutions, and services used by billions of people globally.

A career at Philips is about putting people at the heart of everything you do as you help build the future of healthcare.
Make a world of a difference at Philips. An expectant mother in Tanzania benefits from Philips equipment

Harness the power of together

Do you want to collaborate with people who share your passion?
People who can inspire you, teach you and learn from you?

What makes you one-of-a-kind helps our diverse collective thrive.
We don’t simply believe that our people are our greatest strength;
it’s our mix of individual minds, backgrounds, skills and
how they come together to collaborate and innovate
that makes us unique.
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Grow as yourself

If you're the type of person who loves to challenge yourself; you think of your career path not in terms of position or rank but as an opportunity to explore what you’re capable of, and you want to grow as a person, then come and do the work of your life at Philips.
In return, we offer you a safe and supportive space to pursue your dreams with people who bring out the best in you. Your curiosity and interests, the talents you have and those you'll discover will be supported, encouraged and embraced so that, together, we can innovate the future of healthcare.

Grow as yourself at Philips

Ethical leadership

We are passionate about the role we can play in helping to shape a better future.​


Our people enjoy a wide range of benefits, both personal and professional. 

Diversity, inclusion and well-being

Your one-of-a-kindness makes us a more creative, innovative and effective company.