Don't just create a strategy.
Create a legacy.
“​​​At Philips it's not just about leading; it's about improving people's lives.” ​​​
Serving a greater purpose

At Philips it’s not just about leading; it’s about improving people’s lives. What you do every day can contribute to the innovative health technologies and solutions we develop that make a positive impact on billions of people every year. Including you. You’ll find when you work at Philips that your professional and personal lives often intersect in unexpected and fulfilling ways.

You may lead a team that develops a high quality portable ultrasound which brings diagnostic capabilities anywhere with just a transducer and your smartphone. Or your strategic insight could kick off an app that encourages your neighbor’s kids to brush their teeth. Or you might manage an improvement project for hospital imaging equipment so medical specialists can work with greater confidence and speed when treating your uncle. Or you could transform our portfolio in the personal care market so that our products are more effective in making people - including your friends - feel better about how they look.

Our current employees have experiences like this every day. What will yours be? There are so many unforeseen ways you can leave a lasting legacy at Philips.


We fully understand
that work is only one part
of your life.

When you're at your best, we're at ours
We fully understand that work is only one part of your life. We offer a variety of benefits and health programmes to help keep you strong, mentally and physically. This helps you perform to the best of your ability at work, while also making you more able to manage the rest of your busy life.

Just one example is our flexible working policy, so you can balance home and work commitments in a way that maintains productivity. We’re committed to offering an inclusive workplace that’s both engaging and which helps you personally develop. In fact, we believe that by optimising the environment you work in, as well as the experiences you have, you can continuously excel as a professional as well as a person.
“There are so many astonishing ways you can fulfil your purpose at Philips.” 

A surprising career path

We offer a dynamic career and professional fulfilment. Challenging and satisfying work, inspirational colleagues, leading multi-disciplinary teams, the scope to really leave your mark, influencing the creation of meaningful products and solutions… Working at Philips means all this and much more.

What you also encounter as a leader at Philips is a significant element of the unexpected. You may be given the opportunity to drive a new business. To transform an area of the organization you hadn't considered before. To provide coaching and mentoring. Or it may be that you discover the impact of the work that you do is far greater than you could ever have imagined. Regardless of how your legacy develops, working at Philips will give you the platform you need to showcase your true value.

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