Don't just create a strategy
Create a legacy

Something bigger than us all Each day, you can drive our business and lead in an organization that makes a positive impact on billions of people every year. Including you. When you work at Philips, your professional aspirations and personal gifts intersect – often in unexpected and surprising, fulfilling ways.  

You may lead digitization to define the next wave of customer engagement. Or your strategic insight could initiate Philips' entry into a new market with unmet needs. You might manage a partnership with healthcare providers, enabling medical specialists to work with greater confidence and speed. Or you could transform our portfolio in the personal care market so that our products have an even greater impact on the world's health.​​​​​​​

That’s the daily reality of many Philips executives. And it can be yours, too.
When you're at your best, we're at ours We offer a variety of benefits and health programs to help keep you and your teams strong, mentally and physically. A healthier personal life leads to a more rewarding professional one, helping you perform at your best and manage every challenge that life throws your way.

At Philips, you’ll combine a busy agenda of professional and personal commitments in a way that maintains your sanity and productivity. Our flat and open structure helps you succeed as a mentor who grows teams and expands capabilities.
Expect a path to the unexpected If you’ve already accomplished everything you expect from yourself, perhaps Philips is not for you.

But if you’re eager to reach beyond past limitations, to risk a comfortable status quo for a dynamic, ever-evolving future, take a closer look at Philips.

Frankly, as a leader at Philips you’ll encounter a significant element of the unexpected. You may be given the opportunity to drive a new business. To transform an area of the organization you hadn't considered before. To provide coaching and mentoring. Or it may be that you discover the impact of the work that you do is far greater than you could ever have imagined. Regardless of how your legacy develops, working at Philips will give you the platform you need to showcase your best virtues.
Can your work change the world?
A two-part podcast on how to make an impact in your career and
​​​​​​​find an organization (and cause) that's right for you.
“If you’re an executive and you’re thinking about coming to Philips, I would say ‘Do it!’ because where else do you have the opportunity to impact billions of peoples’ lives?”