​​​​​​​Join a team as diverse
​​​​​​​​​​​​​​as the world we live in

When you join Philips, you’ll become part of an organization that truly reflects our society, the partners we work with and the customers we serve. Why is this important? Because working with us has the potential to improve the lives of billions of people around the world, including our own.

There's no 'I' in team


How do diversity and inclusion lead to successful teamwork?

One of the most essential ways to improve team dynamics is by creating a diverse and inclusive environment. At Philips, we are making efforts to create a workplace where we celebrate our differences and everyone can feel safe to be themselves. We partnered with VICE to share four unique stories and perspectives on how diversity and inclusion lead to successful teamwork.

Beyond Pride: building a culture of belonging for all

How do we advocate for Pride all year long?
Watch LGBTQIA+ colleagues and allies at Philips share what it means to work where they’re valued and accepted for who they are. Want to know more about what it takes to build a culture of belonging?
Pride illustration Philips

Breaking the bias is helping us drive innovation

At Philips, we're stepping up in many ways to address bias and promote equality in the workplace. Bias can have a big impact on our workplace, and we're working to break biases in our recruitment practices.

How do we #breakthebias?

The power of thinking differently: why neurodiversity matters

Great minds think unalike. Did you know that around 1 in 7 adults are estimated to be neurodivergent, meaning their brain functions differently from what is considered typical? At Philips, our differences are our strengths. Tristan Lavender shares the importance of psychological safety at work and how, with the right support and accommodations, neurodivergent professionals can flourish.

We’re committed to making Philips, and the world, a better and fairer place to be. 
We asked our colleagues from the LGBTQ+ community what we can all do, to be better allies.
Hear what they had to say.... 

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Leaders creating a better, fairer world

In our ‘Catalysts for Change’ series, we meet a few of the leaders who are driving positive change at Philips and beyond — paving the way to a better future for all.

Life is better when #youareyou

Listen to stories from around the world to know how Philips champions diversity and inclusion (click the arrows to see all the videos)
Image of a man with a moustache at Philips
A woman smiling at Philips
Lead your way - women at Philips
A lady in a traditional Muslim head scarf at Philips

Make life better

At Philips we’re always looking for ways to make life better – not only for our customers, but also for everyone working here. So we embrace everything that makes you unique. Here, you’ll be valued in all aspects of diversity, whether it’s race, ethnicity or age, or gender or sexual orientation, or any other aspect that makes you ‘you.’ We recognize the proven benefits of enhanced innovation, greater performance and employee satisfaction that derive from a diverse and inclusive workplace. Leveraging our differences makes us more creative, innovative and effective. That’s how we can best anticipate the needs of our customers, now and in the future – by representing them, in all their diversity, in our own teams. We will need to champion a new way of working, use a different lens and shift our mindsets to build and foster that inclusive culture.
Some of our key strategies include:

  •  We committed to 30% gender diversity in senior leadership positions by the end of 2025
  • We implemented principles of transparency for the recruitment, appointment and promotion of all senior leadership positions
  • We enabled data visibility of gender balance for all Executive members and HR Business Partners through monthly reviewed dashboards to offer insight and review progress toward our gender goals
  • A company-wide training on unconscious bias awareness is part of the long-term program to create an ongoing dialogue in teams that will help us build and foster that inclusive environment.
  • We are revitalizing and growing our existing and new employee resource groups
  • We will develop a global mentoring framework to create structure, stimulate new connections and mutual learning to develop and progress diverse talent (fuelling collaboration)
  • We will build on our Women’s Leadership programs with a focus on networking and sponsoring by males and females