We are leading and driving change for the better, and our employees are key to that advancement.​​​​​​​

Name Ronit Dahan-Iluz

Position :  CT/AMI Q&R Director

Joined Philips : 2016​​​​​​​

Everything we do is for the customers; they determine our success, so creating solutions that fully satisfy their needs is paramount. By establishing and improving quality infrastructure, we are ensuring that Philips will be a leader in healthcare long into the future.

It is crucial for long-term business success, and that’s a message that I think needs to be given additional prominence across the entire sector. Philips understands and appreciates that regulations are a necessity, and realises how essential it is that quality infiltrates absolutely everything we do as a company.

Medical devices, because they are so fundamentally linked to enhancing people’s lives, are an incredibly attractive proposition for someone like me; there is a very real need to guarantee all aspects of a product’s build are of the highest standard, and that’s the type of project that I have always found appealing. 

Quality is championed by this organisation at every level; it’s the single most important thing we stand for as a brand. It is how we deliver value to customers and how we execute our mission of improving lives. We are undergoing an end to end transformation which is improving how we work and really highlighting how important Q&R experts are to the future of our business.

Every day I am trying to combine my team’s knowledge and expertise to bring the right compliant solutions to all areas. One of the complications is finding resolutions that work from a regulatory point of view but also satisfy the needs of the business. That can often be tricky, but it’s entirely necessary. 

I believe that in order to be successful at Philips, you need to have a passion for quality; if you want to really make an impact you must be a natural leader because people will look to you for advice and support. For those willing to work hard and take advantage of the opportunity to study and evolve, there are an almost unlimited number of diverse career paths that can be taken without ever having to leave the organisation. We are leading and driving change for the better, and our employees are key to that advancement.