Everything we do is geared towards producing the solutions of the future, and it makes me proud that I am working to help people.

Name Sarah Xu

Position :  Senior Regulatory Affairs Specialist

Joined Philips :  2012

I have always had a keen interest in doing detailed work on products that have a mandate to help sick people. Being at Philips allows me to fulfil this. And since joining Philips Quality & Regulatory (Q&R) in 2012, I have been met with happiness time and time again.
As a regulatory affairs specialist, my team and I are responsible for the quality of our products that make a real difference to people’s lives. By performing numerous verification tests, we ensure the products comply with national and international safety standards and regulations before being added to our product line.

Everything we do is geared towards producing the solutions of the future, and it makes me proud that I am working to help people. What could be better than developing products that save lives and make life better? Just thinking about the solutions we provide to not only cure people, but improve their entire treatment experience – from initial diagnosis to eventual all-clear – making it as free from pain and stress as possible gives me the feeling of happiness.

However, we were faced with the implementation of new laws and regulations last year, which had a major impact on the transformation of medical devices, and brought a huge challenge to everyone involved with product registration and the whole Philips Q&R, including myself. We immediately participated in the necessary training to fully understand the new laws and regulations. Our main objectives are to ensure the safety and efficacy of our products, and to obtain the necessary licensing to get them to market, so we can continue to improve people’s lives.

During this period, we created our own WeChat group to share the latest news and problems or challenges with each other. I have not met anyone in the company that is unwilling to assist if they can. It brings me even more happiness knowing I get to collaborate with a team of experienced professionals who are more like my family.

Philips believes in working healthy, and living healthy. During my pregnancy, we were moving offices and we were given the flexibility to work from home to protect us from the renovating environment. In addition to that, we each have an air purifier on our tables. It’s these little details that made me feel better about the health of my baby.

Everything at Philips seems to lead to happiness. It is virtually found at every corner, whether it’s from your work, the people here, the culture, the environment, etc. It is definitely something that makes it easier for me to contribute towards our vision of improving the lives of 3 billion people a year by 2025 through meaningful technology innovation.