Leveraging our differences makes us more creative, innovative and effective. That’s how we can best anticipate the needs of our customers, now and in the future – by representing them, in all their diversity, in our own teams.
​​​​​​​We’re excited to be part of this conversation. To share, connect and learn. We hope the stories of these successful leaders and role models spark something in you. That they inspire you in your career to bring your best and help us grow in new and different ways.

Women in leadership- the story so far

Find out how to Lead your way within Philips
Reboot your life for the better What if you could do something to dramatically change how you live and work in the most positive way? And what if the impact of what you did was so significant that it not only transformed your world but made a difference to other people's lives as well? 
4 lessons learned on
​​​​​​​the path to leadership

Navigating challenge and change are realities of a leadership journey, especially in a space still dominated by her male peers. Here Nevenka shares some of the lessons she’s learned along the way. 


4 lessons in career growth and leadership after becoming a parent 

For Marlies, her corporate life got a reboot after she became a parent. Here, she shares wisdom on some lessons learned as she made the leap into parenthood and returned to work as a senior leader. 

5 tips on how to be a better leader

In the spirit of promoting a culture which enables employees to thrive, Ling shares some sound advice that has proved valuable during her ongoing journey as a leader.

You’ll hear from 14 different women – successful executives, creators, professionals and leaders. Women who’ve climbed the rungs in different eras and cultures. Our conversations with them were inspirational and sometimes eye-opening. ‘Women hold up half the sky’ says one of the leaders referring to a Chinese saying and we do this in our own, unique way. We are all equal but that does not mean we are all the same. Let’s celebrate and embrace the diversity we bring. 

It's a business imperative and much more fun when we team up from the strength of our differences.
Get your inspiring views on leadership