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A podcast about the mind at work
2020 was a year of unprecedented change, upheaval and challenges. The global COVID-19 pandemic, which is an ongoing, unmitigated tragedy for so many has had an enormous impact on lives, livelihoods and entire industries. It has also forced us to rethink the way we work, giving us a chance to step back and reflect. 

In this third season of The Spark we do exactly that, exploring different types of change, its impact on our daily lives and how it can be a force for good. From the societal and population shifts that are reshaping our world, to career and industry changes, as well as personal transformation, we look at what it takes to endure traumatic experiences and come out the other side with a drive to be the change that makes a difference in someone else’s life. 

Join us as we speak with people who have made change work for them. 

Meet our contributors

Craig  Horton
Life 2.0
Craig worked and played hard, but when he experienced a life-threatening event he knew things had to change. What would have put most people out of the race completely, inspired Craig to rise to the challenge, tackle one of the world’s most difficult multi-day marathons through the Sahara Desert, and use his experience to help others.   Tune in now!
Portia Singh
Two Roads Diverge
Portia has always wanted to work in a field where she could really make a difference. After graduating she quickly found work with the U.S government looking at technologies that could impact disability policy. Then a nation-wide shutdown led her to reevaluate and she decided to apply for her dream role. She got the job! And today she’s a senior scientist at Philips, developing technology to help improve remote care, and teaching fitness classes in her spare time.  Tune in now!
Kalavathi G V
Change is a constant
No stranger to change, Kala has moved her personal and professional lives around the world more than once. Now, back in India and working as the head of the Philips Innovation Hub in Bangalore she is working as a real agent of change for her own country as well as the Asian and African markets. Kala is looking for new ways to use advances in technology and AI to transform the way healthcare is delivered in the world’s largest populations and usher in a new era of better healthcare for everyone.  ​​
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Hitoshi Aizawa 
No one is more aware of how fast healthcare in Japan needs to change to keep up with the country’s aging population than Hitoshi. He left a 30-year career in IT to join Philips as Senior Director of Solutions to make sure Philips’ customers and employees were aware too. When it comes to overcoming resistance to trying new ways of working, Hitoshi’s philosophy is to celebrate the small changes, because they will lead us to embracing the big ones.
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Robert Metzke
Our changing world
Growing up in East Berlin, Robert lived through one of the most momentous changes the world has seen, the fall of the Berlin Wall. He has never forgotten what it taught him about facing down difficult odds and embracing change. Robert brings those lessons to bear in his role as Head of Sustainability at Philips as he looks for ways to embed sustainability into every healthcare process and transform industry standards along the way.
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Fabia Tetteroo-Bueno
More and better
Fabia has had practice at looking for the positive in difficult situations. She has weathered some difficult storms, both literally and metaphorically. Surviving a devastating typhoon in the Philippines helped prepare her for the challenges of being named Market Leader for Latin America just two weeks before the COVID-19 crisis hit. She believes it was this ability to roll with the punches that helped her identify and implement the changes the crisis demanded in record time.  Tune in now!

The Spark - previous seasons

Season One - The mind at work What happens when you combine a brilliant mind with a meddlesome microphone? We found out as we set out to explore the edge between inspiration and creativity. That place where sparks fly. Each of our 12 episodes features one Philips employee motivated to have a positive impact on the world we live in.
Season Two - Working apart together Much of the world is in the middle of a cultural conversation about work. The amount of time we spend doing it, how to balance it with the rest of your life, and who we work with. And then there’s the looming backdrop of automation upon many industries. How can we work, create, and accomplish what we want, sustainably?