Think you know Philips?
Think again!

At Philips, we’re a health technology company with a purpose to improve lives through meaningful innovation. 

Over the past decade we have transformed into a focused health technology leader, creating high quality, safe and impactful innovations that are driven by consumer and customer needs and deliver sustainable, convenient, and people-centric care. 

Roy Jakobs
CEO, Royal Philips

Roy Jacobs, CEO at Philips

At Philips, we consider people's entire health and care journey

Since 2011, our company has radically transformed how we generate sales revenues with a business focus on health and well being.
This has opened up a vast array of exciting new career opportunities as we continue our transformation as a focused leader in health technology.

A track record of creating world-changing technologies has helped Philips get named as a Clarivate Top 100 Global Innovator
for the 11th year in a row in 2024 .

We're making an impact on billions of lives


With a unique presence in both personal health and professional healthcare,
our innovations enable more people to be healthy, live well and enjoy life

 We aim to improve the lives
of 2.5 billion people
a year by 2030. 

That's 29% of the global


We give back to those who have less

To date, Philips has improved the lives of 221 million lives in underserved communities." 

554,910 EUR
raised by employees for our impact projects
29,477 children around the world received free vaccinations
1,386 community
health workers trained in Malawi
6,767 Ethiopian
families prepare meals safely thanks to donated cookstoves
270 community
health workers trained and equipped in Nicaragua