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How is Philips responding to COVID-19?
​​​​​​​April 14th, 2020
Today, as the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19) persists throughout the global community, Philips is steadfast in its commitment to support health systems and healthcare professionals who entrust us to help them care for their patients. 

While people all over the world are being told to work from home, many Philips employees are working tirelessly and fearlessly to continue assembling, testing, distributing, installing and maintaining life-saving medical equipment to those in need. They do this because they know that Philips solutions can help health systems, clinicians and their patients as they navigate this complex and dynamic environment.

Philips continues to maintain its focus on quality and patient safety, while working hard – and differently – together. Priorities are being refocused to meet the needed demand and we are using a planned hiring approach to accelerate these efforts.

Watch the statement from Cynthia Burkhardt, our global recruitment leader 

Is Philips still hiring and how does the interview process work? Cynthia answers your questions in this short video!
How is Philips responding to COVID-19?
We are proud that our employees around the world are stepping up to support healthcare providers and their patients in the fight against COVID-19. We have a broad portfolio of products, services and solutions that can help address the preparedness, response and recovery needs of an infectious respiratory disease such as COVID-19. You can read more about how you could help make a difference in our CEO Frans van Houten’s official statement.

What steps is Philips taking to keep our employees safe?
Philips has implemented personal hygiene measures throughout the organization, together with business travel restrictions to and from high-risk areas. Moreover, we have implemented a global ‘working from home’ protocol for all employees whose roles can be carried out remotely and who are equipped to do so. This measure will also help to maintain a safe working environment for colleagues who are carrying out business-critical activities and need to be at a Philips location to do so. 

I applied for a job recently but haven’t heard anything?
We have mobilized our global resources to fulfill Philips’ triple duty of care: continuing to fulfill critical customer needs, ensuring the health and safety of our employees, and ensuring business continuity. Which means we are, currently, only hiring for roles which enable these critical needs to be met. If you applied for a an open vacancy before 10th April 2020, and haven’t heard from us already, you will be updated shortly. 

Are you still hiring?
Yes. We have new and exciting job opportunities in business critical areas, and will restart recruitment and hiring activities in all areas as soon as circumstances allow.

What will the selection process be like?
The only difference right now is that all of our interviews are conducted by video.  But don’t worry we’ve trained our teams to help put you at ease, and you can find some helpful tips to help you prepare.

I checked the open vacancies and there’s nothing that’s right for me, what should I do?
Stay tuned to our company updates and vacancies through our career website or sign up to our global talent community

Where can I find out more about your hiring process and working at Philips?
Check out our FAQs and learn more about our recruitment process.

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