​​​​​​​Living our Purpose: 
Our Stories.
Showcasing what it means to be a part of Philips
Our employees and their stories are some of what makes Philips’ culture unique. From career journeys to professional development and personal experiences, our Employee Stories series is a representation of what it means to be a part of Philips and of this team of remarkably talented and skilled professionals we work with every day. 

We invite you to watch the videos below to get a sample of what Life at Philips means. The purpose of this series is to attract our priority talent segments for the Americas to Philips, and to give them a sample of what Life at Philips means. 

Follow our employees' inspiring stories

Demystifying patient care

featuring Kim Myers

Kim talks about what it means to be a part of Sales at Philips
Marketing transformation

featuring Jeffrey Studenka and Max Harvey

Learn about how we are finding ways to change the market with our work
Precision Diagnostics

featuring Krishna Kumar

Krishna shares how PD work, the mission and the impact the business is having
Innovation and Growth (Spanish)

featuring Alejandra Pérez

Alejandra tells us about her experience in the Sales team and the tech field
Identifying opportunities with Erika

featuring Erika Santiago

Erika talks about her work with the Quality&Regulatory Team
Mentoring youth at Philips

featuring Amir Abdolahi

He helped launch a program to mentor youth from the community on healthtech
From the technology to the device

featuring Jonathan Hicks

Jonathan walks us through the process and the purpose behind medical devices at Philips
Leading teams at Philips Panamá (Spanish)

featuring Lin Na Lee

Lin tells us her journey at Philips and all the opportunities she had along the way
Collaboration in a global company (Portuguese)

featuring Felipe Silvino Pereira and Luciano Honorio Alves

They share their experiences as Software Architects and Developers at Philips

Our Employer Value Proposition

At Philips, we have a calling to help create a healthier society through meaningful work. To achieve that, we believe that we serve a bigger purpose, that we are strong only when you are and that we provide a path towards your best career

Our employees and their stories reflect our Employer Value Proposition. Watch the videos below and see how Philips lives by its EVP, directly from our team members.
Career Growth

Featuring Portia Singh, Jonathan Hicks, Jeffrey Studenka, Lin Na Lee and Amir Abdolahi


Featuring Kim Myers, Amir Abdolahi, Erika Santiago, Max Harvey and Portia Sing


Featuring Erika Santiago, Jeffrey Studenka, Amir Abdolahi, Portia Singh and Jonathan Hick