Stand together
Drive change
Be a part of the solution and serve a greater purpose
Our mission of improving lives is only achieved when we embrace our differences, stand up for each other, value the uniqueness that each and everyone of us brings to the table.
Inclusion and Diversity are hallmarks of our Philips culture. 
We acknowledge a new urgency to stand together, have the conversations needed to drive change, and be part of the solution.
At Philips we’re always looking for ways to make life better – not only for our customers, but also for everyone working here. We embrace everything that makes you unique. Here, you’ll be valued in all aspects of diversity, whether it’s race, ethnicity, age, or any other aspect that makes you ‘you.’  

Leveraging our differences makes us more creative, innovative and effective. That’s how we can best anticipate the needs of our customers, now and in the future – by representing them, in all their diversity, in our own teams.

We will need to champion a new way of working, use a different lens and shift our mindsets to build and foster that inclusive culture.

Inclusion and Diversity require action, that is why we are taking concrete steps to make a difference: 

•   We made a monetary donation to the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP)  
•   We implemented principles of transparency for the recruitment, appointment and promotion of all senior leadership positions.
•   We are rolling out unconscious bias awareness training for the Philips leadership team (PLT) and their teams to initiate an ongoing dialogue and awareness about bias that leads to team commitments to mitigate bias. 
•   Our African American Employee Resource Group (AAERG) is working on facilitating an open dialogue with employees in the areas of well-being / self-care and social justice.
•   We will develop a global mentoring framework to create structure, stimulate new connections and mutual learning to develop and progress diverse talent (fueling collaboration). ​​​​​​​

Together, we can make a difference.