It's not just an internship, it's a professional challenge.

Surprise yourself at Philips
From medical device engineering and software development to marketing home appliances and grooming products, interns at Philips gain experience that will help them in their careers. We asked our interns to tell us more about their internship and what their internship project was all about. Watch to learn from them on what types of projects our interns get to work on and what the culture is like interning at Philips. 

​​​​​​​Brian, an engineering intern at Philips' innovation center in Colorado Springs, worked on a variety projects, including improving an injection mold in catheter manufacturing. “I researched materials, did design experiments and even did root-cause analysis to go through and figure out what the issue was," Brian says. “I even got to interact with both engineers, and actual operators on the clean-room production floor."
At Philips Canada, marketing interns Christine and Jessica worked on various projects, as well. Christine completed a competitive analysis for Philips' top nail-grooming products to determine how Philips could gain market share; Jessica worked with Amazon to enhance web content for Philips' home products.

“I had to create new content and headline banners for the actual product detail page," Jessica says. “I'm really excited to see what the result holds for Philips in the coming months."​​​​​​​

Christine adds: “It was the people and the culture that made my experiences here so amazing."
Back on the East Coast, in Andover, Massachusetts, software engineering interns Jason and Drew worked with the Philips Ultrasound team to make a prototype.

“We've been working on a really cool project," says Drew. “Building the UI from the ground up... we've basically both just been driving the entire software side of this stage of the prototype."

Jason continues: “Working in a very multidisciplinary team with clinicians, and other developers, we got to see the whole range of other fields that incorporate together in our project."​​​​​​​

Drew recalled moments when he and Jason couldn't figure something out. “There's just been so many super smart people that are just sitting 20 feet from us [who] have been willing to help us out, and I think because of that, we both just learned so much, and have grown so much as developers."

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