Philips Recruitment Fraud Alert​​​​​​​
Philips has become aware that identity thieves may be posing as Philips employees or as third party vendors working on behalf of Philips in an attempt to steal personal information or money from job candidates. These fraudulent attempts take many forms; in some cases, for example, an identity thief contacts an individual and requests personal information such as bank account information and personal identification numbers.  They may also attempt to defraud the individual by stating that certain certifications or trainings are required and that they can provide such certification or training but that the job candidate must first pay a fee for such services. 

The only legitimate site at which a job applicant can apply for a position at Philips is and

A Philips recruiter will only have an email address, never an,, or any other email domain service.  Philips will never ask for any fee to process a job application nor will Philips offer to sell any training or certification program.   

If you believe you have been contacted by someone fraudulently representing themselves to be acting on behalf of Philips, we suggest you contact your local law enforcement agency immediately.  You should not send money to anyone claiming they can provide employment at Philips or that they can provide training or certifications needed for employment at Philips.