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The Spark

A podcast about the mind at work
Work. It's what most of us do for half of our waking hours. But the nature of work is changing, whether through the introduction of technology and robots, the rise of startups, or more flexible work places. What work was twenty years ago, is not what work is today. 

The second season of The Spark takes an in-depth look at work in a global, digital age. We examine the art of collaboration, working across time zones and creative thinking to help us understand how we can embrace this ever-changing world. What do all of these changes mean for us, and what do we have to look forward to? How can we take control of the work we do to turn it from "just a job" to something fulfilling and meaningful?

Join us as we speak with the people who make that all happen.
Episode 1 - The Letter
Pat wanted a good job close to home in an industry that had a future, and thought his job in order fulfillment for patient monitoring would be like any other. But when his son had a neonatal stroke Pat's life changed in ways he'd never imagined. Including the relationship with his work at Philips. He sat down, and wrote a letter to his colleagues.
Episode 2 - Rise Up
Annie lives in Kenya and wants to help those who need it in innovative ways. But how can you rise up and maximize innovation when your team is spread across the globe?
Episode 3 - Getting It Just Right
When you have an idea that's a game-changer, you want to make sure that it's executed perfectly. That's Kok Leng Tan's job as group leader for Function and Product Development for Garment Care in Singapore - to make sure that revolutionary ideas actually work.
Episode 4 - It's 9 O'clock Somewhere
You know the expression “It’s 5 o’clock somewhere”? Pradeep seems to be much more interested in the fact that it’s 9 o’clock somewhere. As Senior Director heading the Execution Team of Connected Digital Platforms and Propositions at Philips in Bangalore, he works with teams around the globe. His job is definitely not 9 to 5, and he likes it that way.
Episode 5 - The Disruptors
The things Ke Ke Qi builds may not be made of mortar and bricks, but as a Software Architect at Philips' China Digital Innovation Lab, he creates digital structures and platforms. This is how digital innovation works in the global age. Adapting to it is part of his job.
Episode 6 - The Pivot
Maud never lost interest in working when she had kids. But as any busy working parent knows, sometimes you have to be flexible. Maud has learned the art of how to pivot, both at home and in her role as a Procurement Engineer too. 

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