“I worked at an agency and for myself before I joined Philips but here I feel so much more like an entrepreneur and I’m constantly encouraged to turn ideas into impact.”


Name : ​​​​​​​Stefan Bakx

Position : ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Digital innovation lead

Joined Philips : January 2016

Four years in and with a new role and an exciting challenge almost every six months, Stefan Bakx is testament to the fast, fun, inspiring nature of Digital Services at Philips. 

We grabbed a few minutes in Stefan’s busy schedule to find a bit more out about his current role as Innovation Lead for Digital Services, why he finds his work meaningful and how he’s supported to develop both his team and his career within the organization:

“I joined Philips in 2014 but got my dream job in Digital Services in 2016. I started as a Junior but then moved to Subject matter expert, Product owner and now I lead Innovation for Digital Services. It’s fast, exciting and we have a great team.”
“Digital Services is a fascinating part of the business to be in. We support all of the market business units globally. We create and optimize the Philips website, create email and ecommerce campaigns and are consistently working out how to optimize and innovate our processes. We operate at high speed but with high standards. It’s a cutting-edge role where I’m empowered to envision new ideas and opportunities.”

“I worked for myself before I joined Philips but here I feel so much more like an entrepreneur and I’m constantly encouraged to turn ideas into impact.”
“When you’re independent, you have to take care of everything. Your finance, your customer acquisition, your marketing. Here, all that is taken care of. I’m part of a complete organization where I’m empowered get on with my job and really use my talents. I’m free to work with amazing developers to create breakthrough products. It’s really inspiring.”

“I’m really proud of the Digital Campaign Creator tool we’ve created. We’re optimizing and standardizing our process and procedures by creating our own aggregated platform for Digital Services, consolidating briefs and templates.” “I’m excited and driven by the ways we’re moving to online platforms that automate and robotize our work. Lots of existing manual work is being automated which speeds up our time to market, allows us to work faster and at lower cost but also, importantly frees up my team to deep thinking; time that previously was being lost. We’re automating the processes that can be automated and allowing more time for human-powered innovation.”

“I’m still only 33 and I’m part of a huge company. However, the Leadership Readiness coaching I’m receiving is great and I feel really empowered and supported by Senior management in a way I wouldn’t necessarily have expected at my age and grade.”
“Timelines are short, but I feel that I’m encouraged to think along with the strategy. I’ve just started on the Leadership Readiness programme and it’s amazing. It’s great that Philips is offering this to young people like me. And it has an impact on how I try to lead my team. 

Our team is located in North America, Turkey, India, China and The Netherlands so we’re straddling cultures and locations but the combination works really well as the team is such a bunch of great professional, driven people. We each have our own story, but our shared goals contribute to the bigger picture and we support each other physically and virtually and don’t just talk about work. It’s important that we get each other and know what’s motivating or what people are struggling with. If my team is happy, it’s clear in our results.”

“Nowadays I work for a healthcare company that has a bigger vision – to improve lives – and this makes work really meaningful for me. It makes me think, “how can I contribute? How can work to support this bigger goal?”
“Like many of people I know within Philips, I’ve been personally impacted by family illness. This means it’s really great to be playing a part in solutions that matter and help improve the lives of people around me. Working to bigger goals like this makes a massive difference to how you feel about the value of your work.”

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