With the combination of technical and clinical expertise and an easy, friendly manner, Tom Wiegemans is that rare find; a clinical specialist and a natural communicator. All skills that are perfect for his most recent role with Philips as Customer Engagement Manager at the Philips Innovation Center Eindhoven. 
​​​​​​​Here, in his Insta-takeover, Tom explains his surprising and rewarding journey with the company to date and explores why the Innovation Center offers such an exciting window onto the world and its possibilities for clinicians and Philips staff alike.

My journey to Philips…


The thing I love most about my job is that I many interactions with hospitals and their specialists.  
This is me together with Professor Carrió from university Hospital de Sant Pau in Barcelona. The most beautiful hospital I have ever seen so far! 
We are standing in front of their new fully digital PET-CT and we will collaborate with them for customer visits to see this innovation in real-life.

My first role at Philips was the perfect combination for me.

 I moved from using CT scanners in my role as a radiologist to installing and training people on them. I got to work for a high tech organisation but still spend time in hospital. 
 “After working clinically in the Katerina hospital, I had the aspiration to work for a high tech company developing hospital applications so working at Philips was literally my dream job. As an applications specialist, I could grow my skills and be a different type of specialist, explaining the best and most efficient ways of working with CT scanners. They’re very complex, sophisticated machines so the applications specialist bridges the clinical and the commercial world as a trusted advisor and partner.”  . 
 “I joined Philips 6 years ago in a very technical role. I was an application specialist in CT for 5 years but last year I wanted a new challenge. I wanted to grow some more and have a more holistic understanding of how we’re transforming healthcare, moving from the end to the beginning of the value chain. It was a big change, a massive competency shift but a fantastic one as I discovered I could speak ‘both languages’ – clinical and commercial. I can talk the technical specifics with our visitors but also build and manage relationships with our key hospital partners.” 


Making Philips Great place to work for

When you’re at your best, we’re at ours

“The Innovation Center is our current and future showroom. Clinicians of all levels fly in from all over the world and I get to give them a hands-on experience of our innovations. It’s amazing to think that the lightbulb is now considered simple but it was our first innovation. One day the state of the art solutions we have here will be the norm. It’s great to think that and to help make it happen.” 

  It’s really rewarding to showcase the story of Philips in Eindhoven and how we’ve been making things that matter for over 125 years. 

 “We coordinate over 1,000 groups visits every year and have over 50 key hospital reference sites with more coming on board all the time. Of course, they come to see, try and find out more about our state of the art products like Azurion and Ingenia MR but we also get to explain our strategy and vision for healthcare which reaches beyond the Customer Center. We go to the Philips Museum, the High Tech Campus and to our factories where they can see our lean, responsible ways of working, our commitment to the circular economy or even our Refurbishment services. It’s great to see the WOW factor the visits give.” 

  We host thousands of people but I’m still a technical person at heart so not used to the limelight. That’s why my biggest surprise to date was seeing my picture in all the papers!  

 “Technical people don’t often tend to be natural extroverts. Imagine my surprise then when I was asked to support a campaign by appearing in a photo with one of our systems. The picture ended up as the key visual so I kept seeing myself everywhere; in newspapers and welcome materials and more! I guess, as well as being a bridge between the engineers and marketers, I’ve also learned how to become more of an extrovert. I don’t know what the next surprising experience or shift will be but I know at Philips I can keep growing and I like it!” 


 If I have no appointments or obligations to be at the office, I like to work from home. I think work & life balance is very important and luckily within Philips this is very much supported as well. Today I am having my lunch break in one of my favorite coffee spots here in Eindhoven.

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