Bring innovations that matter to market

Make your next career move really matter – at Philips. As a marketer within our innovative organization, you’ll be expected to use your function to fulfil a greater purpose; the opportunity to create meaningful innovations that improve people’s lives.

An inside peek at Philips life

Consumer Marketing Intelligence
Amanda is focused on delivering activation and results but she's also involved in innovation projects and creating new opportunities.
A meaningful career which gives back to society
As a Senior Field Marketing Manager at Philips, Jowyn is able to dedicate her time closer to the frontline to understand challenges and provide solutions to healthcare professionals in the hospitals.
A surprising journey: the people behind Philips uGrow
Working at Philips is more than just a job. It’s a journey filled with surprising experiences, like when the work and personal life come together in meaningful ways.
Healthy employees are happy employees
As a leading innovator in health technology, wellbeing is at the heart of the what Philips does.
Working at Philips in ANZ: We are at our best when you are
At Philips ANZ, we have been improving people's lives through meaningful innovation. While we do so, we also foster a flexible and friendly work environment, so that our staff are at their best to give their best to you.
It's all about the customer journey
The customer journey is the DNA of all Philips marketing and will underpin your marketing role. By understanding the offline and online interactions involved with a particular product or category, you’ll keep your fingers on the pulse of what customers want in terms of new experiences, products and services. This means you’ll be able to help shape better outcomes and better futures.
Working digitally
Expect to be working at the forefront of digital innovation. In healthcare, digital technologies are personalizing and improving patient care, and enabling people to monitor and manage their own health. This is your chance to ride the cusp of the digital marketing wave in a way that you never anticipated.

Drive your career

In our exciting, innovative environment you’ll be encouraged to drive your thriving career in the direction you want. By working on challenging assignments with a network of global professionals, you’ll develop and flourish in ways no one could possibly expect. Not even you.

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