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Are you a software developer keen to make a difference with code? To create meaningful innovations to improve people’s lives? See Philips software developers in action and find out more about our challenging opportunities.

Philips Chinese Headquarters in Shanghai

Get an insider’s view of innovative projects, campus life, fun events and creativity at Philips’ Chinese Headquarters in Shanghai, as told by our software developers.

Philips ASEAN Pacific headquarters in Singapore

Philips has been in Singapore since 1951 and moved into a new building in 2016. The new building features an innovative workplace design that fosters creativity and collaboration.

Philips Innovation Campus in India

Get an insider’s view of innovative projects, campus life, fun events and creativity at Philips Innovation Campus in India as told by our software developers and creative designers.

China Digital Innovation Department

Meet software developers at Philips Digital Innovation Department in China.

Meet the Philips software developers who CodetoCare: Efficia ECG100 team

Philips software developers don’t just work with code; their work is fueled by an innate code of caring to provide solutions that make people’s lives better. Check out the video about the Efficia ECG; a first of its kind diagnostic-quality device that collects and transmits ECG data securely and wirelessly to a mobile device running the medical-grade mobile app.


We develop systems, tools and applications that tackle the world’s most significant medical and consumer health challenges, such as cardiac disease prevention, cancer diagnosis, air purification, and well-being in pregnancy, to name just a few. We aim to produce the healthcare solutions of the future.

We are looking for the most dedicated, passionate and skilled software developers; those skilled in their craft and devoted to using their abilities to build a healthier, more connected society. That is why, as well as offering an attractive compensation and benefits package.

We offer software engineers joining us...

The chance to work on innovative projects that really matter... You’ll be inspired and challenged to reboot the modern day operating system. Our coders work alongside some of the best and brightest developers in the world to develop solutions used by consumers, doctors and patients around the globe. Project opportunities span the entire healthcare spectrum, from healthy living and disease prevention to diagnosis, treatment and home care innovations.

A culture of collaboration You’ll continue your career surrounded by brilliant and inspiring people who want to make a difference. We have multi-disciplinary teams of amazingly talented individuals. Our developers operate in Agile environments and you’ll be expected to jump into collaborative forums such as virtual hackathons, innovation workshops, and training days. Here you’ll learn, experiment, discover and succeed in an environment focused on cooperative innovation. At Philips you’ll enjoy a dynamic career nobody could have planned. Not even you.

Our support to make you feel at your best You can’t succeed if you’re exhausted. Our mission is to improve the lives of 3 billion people by 2025, and this includes our own people. The importance of a healthy and flexible balance between work and personal life and flexible working policies is key and a very real part of our culture.


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