Procurement EMEA Hub, Łódź
Our Procurement EMEA Hub manages and performs global sourcing and procurement activities. We leverage our capabilities as a competence center for Indirect Material & Services (IMS) and Bill of Material (BoM) in the areas of Idea to Market, Source to Contract, Performance Management, Supplier Lifecycle Management, Risk Management, Sustainability, Paralegal support and Price Management. Under the collaborative model, the Procurement Hub actively supports business process domains and is organized in four Teams namely Source to Contract Deployment, Source to Contract Maintenance & Performance Management, Supplier Lifecycle Management & Sustainability, Procurement Hub APAC.

Procurement Central Market Sourcing Team (CMS), Łódź
Our CMS team leads in the area of Learning & Development, I2M and Lean, as well as operating as strategic buyers in Marketing Media Events (MME), Industrial and Real Estates (IND/RE) and Services and Solutions (S&S) strategic sourcing domains. The team covers EMEA region, with some individual projects managed for North American and Asia-Pacific Markets. Recognised for its outstanding performance, commitment and high professionalism, this team was awarded the IMS 2017 Annual Recognition Award.

FP&A Procurement Center of Excellence, Łódź​​​​​​​
The FP&A Procurement team’s main responsibility is financial analysis across all aspects of global procurement. Their mission is to deliver financial and procurement information in the relevant form, time and to the relevant people. The team, comprising analysts and technicians, is able to perform all business intelligence tasks in-house, without commissioning it outside of the hub. Main customers are procurement engineers, commodity leads, business process owners and business process experts.
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