Challenge yourself with a career in marketing at Philips

Bring innovations that matter to the market

For us, it's all about the customer journey. You'll stay connected with what customers want, both offline and online - new experiences, products and services that help shape better outcomes and healthier futures. Expect to work at the forefront of digital innovation, like our app that motivates and helps kids brushtheir teeth, or using the latest online marketing techniques. In healthcare, digital technologies are revolutionizing patient care. Here's your chance to ride the cusp of the digital marketing wave.
A young girl making a heart sign with her hands in the Philips office
Colleagues looking at their laptops in the Philips office

Be inspired and move across boundaries

You'll operate in an agile environment challenged by a multidisciplinary global team of experts. We dare to move across boundaries to boost chances for new out-of-the-box ideas. Demanding and ambitious projects will give you opportunities to team up with a network of professionals, including agencies and clients from all over the world.  You'll be encouraged to drive your career in the direction you want, in an exciting, dynamic environment.
"I found out that there was a different side to Philips, focusing a lot on software, but also on healthcare, and it's more dynamic than you would expect. I'm working on digital health solutions. It's really new ground that we're trying to enter. So you need to be a bit more entrepreneurial about it."
​​​​​​​Tjon Chen - Integrated Care Consultant

"I joined Philips in 2005 straight after graduation, and I started as a sales representative, and then I moved to communication. A career at Philips is for me, embracing the unexpected."
​​​​​​​Fabien Letort - Head of Marketing Health and Wellness

"I was looking for a change, to lead a team, set objectives, develop people. I found it really nice to discover a new work culture and environment, which is much more direct. You have the power, locally, to influence your business but also to influence other areas of Philips."
​​​​​​​Marie Tranchimand - Senior Group Marketing Manager 

There is always a way to make life better


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