Looking for the next move in your research career? Don't take a step, make a leap.
Why challenge yourself at Philips?
Our work is fueled by an innate passion to make good things better 
Something bigger than all of us
You're the game-changer in research innovation that is helping to improve health outcomes worldwide. We challenge you to explore the possibilities to transform the future of healthcare.
Perks to thrive in work and life 
We offer a variety of benefits and health programs, including flexible working and holiday policies designed to support your personal and professional lives, keeping you strong mentally and physically. 
Expect a path to the unexpected
We provide a continuous learning environment with coaching, access to the Philips University learning platform and  opportunities to work 
with research centers, 
academia ​​​and other partners.
Diverse and inclusive workplace
We embrace everything that makes you unique. Supporting a work environment where everyone’s voice is heard and valued allows innovation and creativity to flourish.  
"Basically, an ultrasound saved my son's life, so technology became part of my life. Within my first year at Philips we launched the first clinical version of the health platform. My dream to be able to connect people with providers, it's real now."
CK Andrade - PhD Sr Director, Digital Product Management & Marketing
"There are a lot of new challenges, and it's up to you to decide which one to take. Every interaction with my multidisciplinary team brings up new objectives for the day. I always tell my friend that working at Philips is like a playground for geeks."
Luc Berntsen - Mechanical Engineer
"... We also have the privilege to make ideas happen in one of the smartest factories worldwide, just across the street. Another thing that benefits me enormously is the young international and multidisciplinary company culture. "
Yue Wu - Development Engineer
"It's always been a passion to see that light in the eye of patients, who couldn't otherwise afford access to this equipment." 
Ravi Ramaswamy -  Sr. Director & Head Health Systems at Philips Innovation Campus
"It's really great to see a product you developed in your friend's bathroom and know that he's happy with it."
Noemie Leve - Development Engineer 

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