Start selling solutions with real purpose

Work on innovative projects that matter 
Philips focuses on integrated solutions that meet real needs which makes you a respected business partner for our customers. You'll face next-generation users daily, understanding what they want from healthcare experiences, products and services. By collaborating with customers, you will develop insights that will help them improve workflows and practices. As a vital member of our sales team, you're right at the heart of our business, driving growth and profitability.
When you succeed, we succeed
We value your ability to educate, persuade, and inspire commitments that seal deals. You will liaise with colleagues in other areas of our business and beyond. Connecting with local sales organizations, R&D groups, product development teams and production units, and leveraging product insights into meaningful propositions that keep us ahead of the market. No matter where you are in your sales career, Philips gives you the chance to reach higher and accomplish more.

For me, for you, for everyone: Living the benefits of solutions

Life 2.0: A survivor’s story

Join a future of solutions

We are transforming into a digital solution partner. When there is a healthcare challenge, we co-create and design solutions that can deliver value to our customers and patients. Curious about our transformation journey?
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What our employees are saying

"I don't just sell product, I'm a product and procedurant consultant. To be invited into a technical procedure where a patient is on the table is truly an honor. You build that trust and rapport through constant honest communication and understanding the procedure and their goals."
Chip Cornwell
 Territory Sales Manager for Image Guided Therapy
"In sales you are always on the go. Travelling to meet a Philips product expert. Collaborating to close deals. Meeting with customers to discuss product orders. Prospecting new customers."
Megan OGorman
Sales Account Manager
“I lost my mom to breast cancer when she was 59. On top of fighting for her life, she was dealing with an exhausting, disconnected process. Because of that, I truly understand how important it is for a healthcare provider to make the experience better for the patient.” 
Tricia Cofman
Sales account executive

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