Philips people take quality personally

Embrace your 'quality gene' at Philips We use the term to define what makes perfectionists. These are the brave professionals who fearlessly strive to do the right thing rather than choose to take the easy road, even when it means going against the crowd. You thrive on leading change and inspire others to join you along the way. You're passionate about quality, and so are we. We're seeking talent who share these attributes to join the team and make excellence our standard operating procedure.
Quality control begins with high-quality people
With our renewed sense of purpose, it's an excellent time to join our growing team. Redefining Philips' quality and regulatory function has aligned it with our mission to help improve lives. While we're ideally positioned to drive meaningful strategic growth, it's high-quality people who will help us continue to move forward. We welcome your attention to details, your respect for precise processes, and your passion for the highest standards.
"Philips invested in me to get the external training but then also trusted and supported me to really embed it into operations. We've put quite a lot of effort into reminding people at every level of the business how important our products are. You'll see a photo of our products in use, and we're very very proud of that, and that's also really important just to connect back to actually why we're doing what we do.""Jon Powell - Site Quality Leader"

"One of the most exciting aspects of working for Philips is being able to interact and work with teams of world-class experts and engineers who are the best in their respective fields. The quality of our products is the result of everybody’s hard work, and it’s brilliant being surrounded by people that I can rely on and trust."
Vanja Hommes - Head of Regulatory and Clinical Affairs (BG Population Health Management)

"Q&R fits well for me because I've always liked things in a specific order. At work, we've got a QMS stand-up meeting, a whiteboard app where my senior manager and I know what people are working on and know if they need any help from us. I'm doing things that I never thought I would be doing. I've traveled globally, and now this is expanding my horizons." 
Katherine Moehrke - Document Control Manager
"At Philips, everything we do is fuelled by three things: professional knowledge, communication skills and important responsibility. The work we are doing here is changing the world as it is right now. We are pioneering the technology that is helping towards our main goal of improving people’s lives."
Xin Li - Senior Quality System Manager

        We focus on doing quality right


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