Our Supply Chain function consists of three sub-teams responsible for end-to-end logistics of health technology equipment getting delivered to a medical facility: from the order to the arrival and installation.

Order Management, Łódź – the OM team manages orders for ultrasound machines and consumables (electrodes, paper, sensors, cuffs, cables etc.). Their activities include order entry, invoicing, handling disputes and contact with the customer. The team serves most of our European markets.

Integral Warehousing & Distribution, Łódź – the IWD team is responsible for transport of the ordered machines. They process shipment orders, monitor and track the freight and manage the carriers. They are in contact not only with the customers, but also with Philips factories.

Site Planning, Łódź – the team, consisting of architects, engineers and designers, cooperates with the hospitals in order to prepare the examination room for the installation of machines such as X-rays, MRs, CTs or IGTs. They prepare 3D models, draw plans in case the room needs to be re-adapted and design shielding from magnetic radiation.
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