How to find and create
meaningful work

A three-part podcast series on how to find your purpose and have impact in your career
There’s so much conflicting information about what creates more fulfilling, desirable work. Is it the job? Is it the company? Is it the type of role or occupation? Is meaningful work even obtainable in the first place? The short answer to that last question is “yes,” but in reality, it happens differently to what most of the world expects.

The Happen to Your Career podcast is a highly regarded resource about building career happiness that can help guide you on your journey. In this three-part series, Happen to Your Career will uncover the secrets of finding meaningful and fulfilling work which gives you purpose and makes you excited about how you’re spending your time while earning an income. Not only does the podcast share science-based discoveries, but you will also see how it works in real life, with real people, at real companies, including Philips.

The story isn’t always what you think it is. Tune in!
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