We're writing code
to change health technology 

Wake up: it's runtime at Philips
At Philips, we don’t just write code. We’re writing the future of health technology. Like all pioneers, we
​​​​​​​sometimes fail, but we always try again, until we get it right.
Work on innovative projects that matter
We develop systems, tools and applications that tackle the world's most significant medical and consumer health challenges, such as cardiac disease prevention, cancer diagnosis, and well-being in pregnancy, to name just a few. Project opportunities span the entire healthcare spectrum, from healthy living and disease prevention to diagnosis, treatment and home care innovations.
Be inspired and challenged to reboot the modern-day operating system
We work effectively together, and we bring an honesty and openness to team mates in the drive for success. You will operate in agile environment surrounded by brilliant and brightest people who form our multi-disciplinary teams. Coders work alongside some of the best developers in the world to develop solutions used by consumers, doctors and patients around the globe.
"I thought the games industry was where I’d be. Now when people ask me what I do for my day job, I say I write cancer detection software for digital pathology."
Nicola Robinson - Senior Software Engineer
"What I’m mostly proud of is that I push new technologies into new business. For me it was really important that I could do research in cutting edge tech and working for Philips research I’m able to do it."
Software Scientist AI Healthcare
"I love getting out of bed every morning thinking, how are we going to do this?..."
Andrew McCaughan - Senior Architect
"We also have a lot of time exploring new technologies for example angular or cloud services.
And it's fun, we get to try new technologies and see what fits best for the product"
Nadia Passinhas Batista – Software Engineer Cardiology Informatics