We're building the next generation of heathcare solutions

Wake up: it's runtime at Philips
Combine working on the latest tech stacks with stacks of your own talent. To accelerate the creation of new solutions and pioneer new innovations, we are looking to expand our software and web development, cloud infrastructure, data science and machine learning, data engineering and DevOps teams.
Create innovations that improve lives
Ever since our very beginnings, our company has been at the forefront of healthcare. And as healthcare has evolved, together with advances in different technologies, Philips has evolved too. As we now transform from a health device manufacturer to a health-tech solutions company, our commitment to improving lives continues to inform and guide us. Working at Philips is an opportunity to work at the sharp end of healthcare, tackling the world’s most significant health challenges from cardiac disease prevention, cancer diagnosis and wellbeing in pregnancy and leading our Cloud and SaaS-ifcation. Join us to accelerate healthcare informatics.
Be inspired and challenged to reboot the modern-day operating system
We work effectively together, and we bring an honesty and openness to team mates in the drive for success. You will operate in agile environment surrounded by brilliant and brightest people who form our multi-disciplinary teams. Coders work alongside some of the best developers in the world to develop solutions used by consumers, doctors and patients around the globe.

How we hire talent

Talking the talk at interview isn’t our aim. We want to get to know you. And help you get to know us. 

Our recruitment process aims to excite you about the prospect of working with us while ensuring we make the best possible hire. If you’re a great candidate, you’ll have the chance to prove it, and we won’t miss out!

First, you’ll go through a thorough technical evaluation using an online assessment tool at the pre-screening stage.

Next, the interview progresses to a more structured format, involving neutral bar-raisers and pair-programming techniques. It’s at this stage where you’ll find yourself challenged in a dynamic, objective and engaging process which will give you a sense of what it's like to work at the forefront of innovation in health technology.
Are you ready?​​​​​​​

"What I’m mostly proud of is that I push new technologies into new business. For me it was really important that I could do research in cutting edge tech and working for Philips research I’m able to do it."
Mara Houbraken Software Scientist AI Healthcare
"I thought the games industry was where I’d be. Now when people ask me what I do for my day job, ​​​​​​​I say I write cancer detection software for digital pathology."
Nicola Robinson Senior Software Engineer
One day, could augmented reality save your life?
One day, could augmented reality save your life? During the WebSummit 2022, Philips’ Dr. Atul Gupta reveals how the technology will give doctors new ways to see inside our body and treat us more precisely than ever before, even from halfway across the world.