Work on leading-edge innovations, including image-guided therapy solutions, imaging clinical applications and platforms, oncology informatics, and game-changing AV and AI solutions. 
Philips Israel offers endless opportunities to develop your career. Our business units focus on a variety of technologies to further grow your career.  As part of our R&D team you are going to be challenged by working with global teams of multidisciplinary experts. We dare to cross boundaries and embrace new perspectives, increasing chances for new innovative ideas to flow.

In line with our open innovation strategy, you'll have opportunities to develop collaborative relationships and work on breakthrough research and cutting-edge solutions that improve lives. We support an innovative ecosystem that fosters meaningful partnerships that include research centers, clients, start-ups, academia and industry.
Philips Israel is a key leader in manufacturing and development of CT and PET-CT scanners with cutting edge technology.  
As leaders in image guided therapy, we integrate best in class imaging solutions with specialized diagnostic and therapeutic devices to deliver a unique portfolio designed to help our customers conquer the most complex procedures. 

Our solutions are engineered to help healthcare providers to decide, guide, treat and then confirm the right care for every patient in real time.​
Location: Haifa

ICAP stands for Imaging Clinical Applications and Platforms. It’s a global organization that delivers meaningful innovation to our customers through multiple product lines and technologies – IntelliSpace Portal, IntelliSpace Discovery and IntelliSpcace AI. 

ICAP products are part of an integrated software solution of other Philips’ products (.e.g PACS, Modalities – CT, MR, AMI) and our ambition is to make these solutions even more competitive and more compelling to our customers by streamlined workflow, exceptional performance and superb user experience.

We have the ambitious goal to deliver game-changing AV and AI solutions and to empower the broader Philips portfolio of solutions in diagnosis and treatment across Radiology, Cardiology, Oncology and Interventional health spaces. 
Location: Haifa

Oncology Informatics 
Oncology Informatics is a cloud based SaaS system that deals with mapping and processing genomics information that could revolutionary contribute to cancer treatment  by developing an informatics suite for Oncology Precision Medicine called ISPM. 

Helping health care-providers improve clinical outcomes and operational excellence, by enabling a consistent, compliant, patient-centric cancer care. We believe that it all starts with a clear presentation of the relevant cancer patient data. An intuitive, contextually-specific interface to support patient-centric care, and facilitate communication across multi-disciplinary teams

Oncology Informatics and Genomics team utilizes the latest technologies in informatics, oncology informatics, human genomics, SW engineering, cloud technologies, analytics, machine learning, natural language processing, big data and others. 
Locations: Haifa, Petach Tikva 

one of Philips’s recent acquisition and part of our Image Guided Therapy portfolio. The products focuses on image guided therapy procedures for cardiac arrhythmias with a unique technology based on an innovative 3D mapping and navigation software with predictive features.
The technology introduced a fundamentally new imaging and mapping technology for AF ablation, a new and novel catheter based electro-anatomical dielectric imaging system to guide EP ablation procedures, that does not require contact with the heart to image. 
KODEX-EPD offers high resolution images obtained from the tip of any catheter. This is done without ionizing radiation and without the need to touch the endocardium.
In the future, we are looking to expand these capabilities into imaging of tissue and other research areas.
Location: Caesarea 

Algotech & Carestream 
 In Aug 2019 Philips completed a global acquisition of Carestream Health Inc.’s Healthcare Information Systems (HCIS) business, including Algotec, it’s Israeli R&D center that innovates in the area of cloud-enabled enterprise imaging platform. 
Location: Ra’anana 

Volcano a global leader in two important types of ‘smart’ imaging and measurement catheters for the minimally invasive treatment of cardiovascular disease. The Volcano Activity in Israel focuses on R&D of SW solutions.
Location: Nathania