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At Philips we’re always looking for ways to make life better. By being inclusive and acknowledging each other’s differences and uniqueness, we are striving to make sure that every voice is heard and valued.​

Back in the Game is our initiative to encourage women on a break due to sabbatical or maternity leave to resume their corporate career. It is a 3+ months internship program where women returnees get to work on live strategic projects along with an opportunity to get a full time role based on their performance and role availability.As part of this initiative, we provide structured onboarding, focused mentoring, flexible work options and on the job learning to the candidates.

We recognize that the best and most innovative solutions are generated through collaboration between people who think differently from one another and genuinely welcome a variety of ideas and viewpoints. Moreover, a diverse and inclusive culture drives business performance and means everyone can bring their best qualities to work, leading to better collaboration, communication, innovation and success.
At Philips it’s not just about a job; it’s about improving people’s lives.”
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Working at Philips isn’t just about your  job. 
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