More Than a Job: Giving Back to Society at Philips

Name: Abinash Ojha
Position: Senior Technical Specialist 
Location: Philips Innovation Campus, Bangalore


My name is Abinash, and my role involves coding algorithms that speed up processes, such as configuration automation, and having these solutions patented. My passion lies in coding and providing simple solutions to complex problems. The fact that a passion of mine has gone to directly impacting society gives me an incredible sense of satisfaction.

Every time my team codes, we keep the end-users’ needs in mind. If we can reduce waiting time for patients, make diagnosis more efficient and reduce error-rates, then we are not only improving Philips products but also improving the lives of our users.

Seeing the impact of the projects I work on is also immensely satisfying. In 2015, I worked on a project that reduced the time needed to evaluate the quality of and carry out testing for portable products. By creating a tree data structure algorithm, I managed to cut the testing time from 12 weeks to just one day. This gave way to a faster product launch cycle and allowed us to be preventative rather than reactive, as we were able to detect issues before consumers even encountered them.

Last year, I worked with a hospital in Mumbai on the OMAR Solution. We introduced an MRI scanner that could make accurate scans even for patients with metal implants. The feature was developed in the Netherlands but required the latest software, which I delivered to the market here in India.

I also worked with a university on developing a Fast Research Switch solution that reduced our system switch from 'Clinical' to 'Research' mode to just 2.5minutes from 30 minutes. We not only made the work more convenient for doctors and encouraged patients to sign up for research trials, it also meant that patients did not have to wait long to use the device for research purposes. The entire process is now completely smoothened out; customer experience has improved and we are also able to collect more accurate research information in a real-life clinical setting. The Fast Research Switch solution was even nominated for the CEO Awards in the Best Innovation Category.

Despite the challenging environment, the work-life balance here at Philips is commendable. Work hours are flexible and there is even a policy for working from home. We enjoy the work we do here, and I have yet to meet anyone frustrated with the workload they are given.

What's it like starting a career in Philips? I have had the chance to work with interns for three years now, and I have seen how Philips empowers employees of all levels. It is hard to find a similiar situation in other companies, and I am glad when my interns choose a career here over offers from big tech firms.

Philips is perfect if you enjoy working independently, and have good ideas that you would like to bring to life. Most notably, Philips is the organisation to join if you want to give back to society.