Philips - A leading brand
​​​​​​​in healthcare

Name: Vasudharini Srinivasan

Role: Senior Director, IT delivery

Location: Philips Innovation Centre, Bangalore (India)

I am a senior director here, and my team works alongside IT business partners and leaders across the globe. I joined Philips in November 2015. Prior to that I was mostly in the retail and banking and finance industry.
“As a brand, we have been a leader and a force to reckon with. In the Healthcare domain, we continue our leadership position.​​​​​​​”
Creating changes globally, from Bangalore 

Being part of the Global IT team of Philips, I am happy to steer IT changes that are delivered from the Bangalore centre. We conceptualize, build and enable changes across platforms and global markets. The teams present here collaborate with team members world-over to deliver world class IT solutions from innovation, idea to market, market to order to fulfilment, all the way to cash ringing in the revenues. The health continuum space is being redefined by Philips and the strategy is aligned to the futuristic direction of Health and Technology space. This was the key differentiator when I considered the offer from Philips and it is the right decision.

IT solutions from Bangalore cover more than 60% of the total IT work across the Philips landscape.

What are we up to? 

As a large conglomerate, Philips was using several different ERP systems to cater to diverse needs of the market place. Currently, my teams are involved in a flagship program that consolidates all SAP ERP systems. This is a behemoth exercise and all people in globally distributed teams have come together to ensure that wheels of the engine turn in perfect alignment to ensure delivery. This is the beauty of working in a Global IT Organization of this size, scale and technical complexity. Our software professionals are enjoying this kind of challenge for their technical appetite. 
“​​​We have an optimal mix of process and technical implementations to keep the teams challenged across the spectrum of experienced professionals.” ​​​
Collaborating and interacting

At the Philips Bangalore hub, we have close to 250+ employees and over a thousand partner resources who collaborate and deliver solutions.

As part of my role here I work with diverse profiles across the globe and enjoy interacting with people on the future of healthcare technology, digital domain and how we see our products shaping the future.

Hence technology is really the most compelling aspect, of value driven solutions to business

What do we look out for? 

We typically hire experienced people, with an average of 8 years or more of relevant job experience, who have thorough technical knowledge and have been involved in global implementations with multi-national companies. They must of course also have good analytical skills and logical reasoning, and be a good team player.

We have a variety of opportunities across IT Global delivery teams, support teams, compliance units, security team and IT Infrastructure teams.

Opportunities are aplenty 

Tenured employees at Philips have pride in their eyes and cherish the roles across departments as they get to learn continuously. A global analyst can realistically aim to take on a functional expert role in the future; employees who work in technical areas can look towards moving to the Architectural team in Netherlands. Philips HR team releases clear job descriptions to ensure career paths are always in sight for employees.

The Philips culture is based on sharing knowledge, being transparent and supportive of new ideas.  It encourages people to team up to deliver world class solutions.
“What could one expect after joining Philips? Simply put: a great work environment, knowledge, freedom to test innovative ideas and the chance to work on the latest technology.”