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Don't just be a game-changer
Be a life-changer

Make an impact on the world as well as your team.

You’ve already achieved a lot but now you’ve at a point in your career when you expect more and want to make a change for the best. Working at Philips will give you an opportunity to do just that, because we’re a company with a big ambition.

It’s our mission to improve people’s lives through meaningful innovation and we want you to play a central role in this by leading teams, driving projects, thinking strategically and inspiring colleagues from all over the world.

To fulfil your potential, we’ll give you the flexibility, stimulation and opportunities to keep you inspired and engaged. After all, working at Philips is more than just a job. It’s an experience filled with surprising moments that will transform you in lasting and positive ways, as together we improve the world for the better.

Challenge yourself at Philips
“At Philips it’s not just about a job; it’s about improving people’s lives.”
Serving a greater purpose
What you do every day can contribute to the innovative health technologies and solutions we develop that make a positive impact on billions of people every year. Including you. Because you’ll find when you work at Philips that your professional and personal lives often intersect in unexpected and fulfilling ways.

You may lead a team that develops an ultrasound scanner which shows the first moving images of your sister’s unborn child. Co-develop an app that encourages your neighbor’s kids to brush their teeth. Make a vital contribution to hospital imaging equipment which allows medical specialists to work with greater confidence and speed when treating your uncle. Or your insights on the personal care market result in products that make friends feel better about how they look.

Our current employees have experiences like this every day. What will yours be? There are so many surprising ways to challenge yourself at Philips.
We fully understand that work is only one part of your life.
When you're at your best, we're at ours
We offer a variety of benefits and health programs to help keep you strong, mentally and physically. This helps you perform to the best of your ability at work, while also making you more able to manage the rest of your busy life.

Just one example is our flexible working policy, so you can balance home and work commitments in a way that maintains productivity. We’re serious about offering an inclusive workplace that is both engaging and which leads to personal growth. In fact, we believe that by providing the right environment, with the experience you have, you can continuously grow as a professional as well as a person.
A surprising career path
We offer incredible career challenges. Stimulating and satisfying work, inspiring colleagues, leading multi-disciplinary teams, extensive learning resources, the freedom to flourish, developing meaningful products and solutions… Working at Philips means all this and much more.

What you also encounter as a Philips employee is a significant element of the unexpected. Your career may take a new direction. You may be presented with opportunities and responsibilities you never dreamt of having. Or you may discover that the impact of the work that you do is far greater than you could ever have imagined.

And, in addition to on-the-job learning, you'll also receive specific coaching and mentoring as well as formal training.

Discover the amazing ways you can bring your career to life at Philips.

A place to grow your career​​​​​​​

"A sense of achievement ran through me when the final product went live at the Ministry of Health, Dubai."
Gopi Thillaivasan,
Senior Technical Specialist
"Working with cutting-edge technology, and surrounded by people that are true pioneers in the field of health, means you quickly realize just how important the work we do is."
Vijay Devarajan,
Lean Champion
“When you work with a company that is at the forefront of innovation, you get exposed to great opportunities for learning and adding value to your experience.”
Sagar Puzhakkal Mohammad
System Architect​​​​​​​

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