Name: Stefan Roger

Role: Software Engineering at Philips

Title: Software Engineer

Location: Bothell, WA

Time with Philips: 4 years

Interests & Passions: On the job Stefan is passionate about usability and workflow, and loves working on novel ideas and technologies. Outside of work he is an avid pianist and enjoys cycling and playing board games.

My name is Stefan Roger, and I’m a software engineer at Philips. My career started after being recruited at a University of Washington engineering fair, and since then I’ve worked here for almost four years.

As part of the Ultrasound Imaging division, I have a key role in developing products for doctors and hospitals. I get to work with the best experts in the field and take the lead at the cutting-edge of the medical industry. Here I’m not just developing a product – I’m solving real problems that affect real people every day. The work I do helps my family, my friends, my neighbors, and people all around the world, and that’s really exciting.

What really keeps me working here is the ownership and responsibility I have in my job. Despite the company’s size I never feel lost in the crowd. Even as a single developer I’ve been able to bring my own creative vision and ideas to the table to make a big difference. Philips is a company where your ambition and initiative are respected and will propel you forward in your career.

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