Careers in Quality

You're passionate about quality, and so are we. 
Our quality control starts with our people. As a quality professional, we welcome your skills, expertise and capabilities. That's because you'll be safeguarding the quality, innovation, and value that our organization delivers all the time, every time to our patients, customers and partners.

Embrace your ‘quality gene' at Philips

Do you have the Quality Gene?
Quality is at the heart of everything we do at Philips, and it all starts from our biggest priority: our customer.
Quality Systems
Watch how Katherine Moehrke, Document Control Manager at Philips in Highland Heights, Ohio USA, makes sure we have the right product quality and comply with all regulations within healthcare technology.
Health Watch team
Watch how Vanja Hommes, Head of Regulatory and Clinical Affairs, ensures that quality is embedded in every step of the design process to help develop the Philips Health Watch.
China Imaging team
Watch how Senior Quality Systems Manager Xin Li ensures that internal quality systems at Philips' Suzhou office are running according to local safety and quality requirements.
A message from Philips CEO
A message from Philips CEO to Quality & Regulatory professionals about the importance of their work and their elevated importance to Philips Quality Transformation.
Our quality and regulatory function has recently been rebuilt under new leadership to propel this vital business area even further forward. This makes it an excellent time to join and spearhead our growing team. Together we'll affect improve billions of lives worldwide.

We're looking for fully fledged quality and regulatory professionals with strong technical skills, combined with the ‘quality gene' to join the team and make excellence just the start.
What do we mean by ‘quality gene'?
We use the term to define those who are brave perfectionists in all they do. You won't be afraid to do the right thing vs. the easy thing, even if it means going against the crowd. You'll thrive on leading change in times of diversity, and inspiring others to join you on that journey.

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