Measure the value of what
you sell by the number 
​​​​​​​of lives improved

Expand your impact on people's lives
A career in sales at Philips means becoming a trusted advisor to doctors, hospital directors and clinicians. It means putting our cutting-edge solutions in the hands of doctors to help patients who need them most. It means making a real difference to the lives of millions. ​
3 doctors preforming surgery on a patient, with halographs in the air. Expand your impact on people's lives. Craig talks about how Philips saved his life
Doctor and little girl watching a demonstration of the MRI machine

Make a world of difference

Be on the frontline with customers, partnering with them to provide critical and sustainable health tech solutions needed to reach their ambitious goals.​ Leave your mark on the healthcare industry and see the value you bring to the world in the number of lives you help improve.​
Three Philips employees hugging and laughing outside.

Harness the power of together

Connect with talented people who share your drive for improving patients' and doctors' lives through healthcare innovations. ​See how the power of collaboration can help you expand the impact you have on our customers' businesses and the lives of billions of people around the world. ​
Philips Field Service Technician holding a screwdriver and repairing Philips Machines.

Grow as yourself

Explore how our broad range of products and solutions can help you expand your knowledge and amplify the positive influence you have on people. Discover and hone new skills as you work collaboratively with top leaders across the healthcare industry. Grow as yourself, as you work to help the lives of others​.
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Gain perks to thrive

You’ll receive a variety of benefits aimed at keeping you happy, healthy, strong and engaged. And you’ll be given the flexibility to help you shape a healthy work rhythm with strong holiday policies, well-being programs and more offerings designed to support you – both inside and outside of work. 

We are committed to
improving people's health
​​​​​​​and well-being

Our strategy of focused, organic growth is founded
on clear choices about business and innovation,
as well as improved execution.
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Learn more about Philips

As a leading health technology company,
it is our purpose to improve people’s health
and well-being through meaningful innovation.
​​​​​​​Our goal is to improve 2.5 billion lives per year by 2030. 
Debbie Clarke, Philips Account Manager, Connected Care
It is very rewarding when you see or hear stories of patients whose treatment was improved with the use or our products and can actually leave the hospital sooner. I have the pleasure of working on a solutions sales team of Clinical Specialists, Solution Designers and Solution Architects for multi-hospital accounts. 
Debbie Clarke
Account Manager, Connected Care, Home-based, North America
Megan Hood, Philips Sales Specialist, Oral Healthcare
Yes, I work in sales, and I sell incredible products, but at the end of the day my job is to give people bigger, more confident smiles. These customer smiles don’t always come easy, but another major advantage to my position is the training and experience I have received from working at Philips.
Megan Hood​​​​​​​
Sales Specialist, Oral Healthcare, Home-based, North America
Arvin Castro, Sales Specialist - IGT
As the market leader in Interventional Imaging, Philips is fortunate enough to partner with the best and biggest hospitals in the world, along with clinicians that are constantly at the forefront of how patients are treated and cared for. These experiences and collaborations with our partners directly flow from and contribute to our culture of continuous improvement and innovation.  
Arvin Castro
Sales specialist - Image Guided Therapy Devices
North America

An inside peek of life at Philips

 Megan OGorman, Philips Sales Account Manager, Sitting in front of a camera

A day in the life of a sales account manager

In Sales you are always on the go. We followed Megan OGorman, Philips Sales Account Manager, to see what a typical day on the road in medical device sales looks like.

Chip Cornwell, Territory Sales Manager for Image Guided Therapy sitting in a meeting with a woman in an orange top
A day in the life of a Philips sales manager working in IGT

We followed Chip Cornwell, Territory Sales Manager for Image Guided Therapy, for the day to learn about what a typical day in the life is like for him. Watch and learn about why he is so passionate about his job and working at Philips.