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An inside peek at Philips life

A day in the life of a Philips sales manager working in IGT
We followed Chip Cornwell, Territory Sales Manager for Image Guided Therapy, for the day to learn about what a typical day in the life is like for him. Watch and learn about why he is so passionate about his job and working at Philips.
A day in the life of a sales account manager
In Sales you are always on the go. We followed Megan OGorman, Philips Sales Account Manager, to see what a typical day on the road in medical device sales looks like.
Philips - Our journey in health technology
Learn about our strategy to address global healthcare challenges and extend our leadership in the health technology industry.
Expect a path to the unexpected
When you explore new paths, there are no markers: you blaze the trail; you lead the way. Yet Philips provides the environment for success with stimulating and satisfying projects, inspiring colleagues, multi-disciplinary teams, extensive learning resources, and the opportunity to develop meaningful products and solutions.
Serving a greater purpose
At Philips, we don’t just want you to be ‘satisfied’ with your job. We want you to be curious, inspired, challenged, and most of all, excited about new possibilities.
Integrated solutions
At Philips, we focus on integrated solutions that meet real needs. This means you'll act as a respected business partner for our customers. You'll stay close to the market, gaining insight into current and future needs. And you will liaise with colleagues in other areas of our business, leveraging the value of these insights, translating them into the meaningful and innovative solutions that keep us ahead of the market.
Sales positions at all levels
We welcome people whose passion is to improve people's lives and who want to achieve great things. And who want to grow to their full potential. Sale positions are available at every level of the Philips organization. At sector level, you will seed the business by creating exciting and compelling sales propositions. Interfacing with local sales organizations, R&D groups, product development teams and production units, you will draw together everything needed to launch successful new products and services in global or regional markets.

Support for your goals

We'll encourage you to drive your career in the directions you want, supported by on-the-job coaching, and a personal budget for you to spend on your choice of learning programs. The opportunities are as varied and unexpected and you'd expect them to be.

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