Name: Jeroen Peeters
Position: Supply Chain Manager
Started at Philips: 2007

I’ve been with Philips for just over a decade. I’m tasked with ensuring supply chains run smoothly and efficiently, even when faced with complicated logistical problems and incredibly tight deadlines.

Around 18 months ago we made possible what many people said was impossible, by shipping a magnet from New York via Best in the Netherlands and then onwards to a hospital in Barcelona in two days. It left America on Friday, and was in the hospital by Monday morning. We set ourselves an incredibly tough task, but with a lot of planning we were able to align many teams and get the task achieved without any complications.

The first step was to simply to ensure the magnets arrived on time. This meant getting it from upstate New York, through John F. Kennedy International Airport, and over to Best. We then had to cool the magnet down and check every single element was in place to ensure it was prepared for this particular client. Typically, this process requires three days of work, but we managed to complete everything in just eight hours.

After that, everything had to be signed off and double checked, and only then could we think about transporting it to Barcelona. We had to ship through the whole of France, which required three different drivers to ensure it could be traveling continually. We got the magnet there in perfect condition, and even earlier than scheduled.

For me personally, this is just one great example of why I love my job

This endeavor was so important because it ensured patients could receive urgent treatment. That’s the main reason we doing anything here; we want to give people the care they need. We want to do good things for people, while also helping Philips to grow its activities across the world.

There was a feeling of amazement and relief across the entire team. We were certain that with the right planning we could complete the job, but looking back now I can really appreciate the magnitude of what we achieved. Generally, I’d always have a second or third plan just in case something goes wrong, but in this instance, there was absolutely no room for error.

For me personally, this is just one great example of why I love my job. I’m surrounded by great people that have vision and ambition; not just any team could have made something like this happen!

Generally, I’d always have a second or third plan just in case something goes wrong, but in this instance there was absolutely no room for error

Everyone here wants to make a difference and to do the best work possible. Working hard and achieving results gives you opportunities for progression and advancement; I want to know not only that I’m making a difference, but that I’m reaching and hitting my own personal targets. I think most people here have a very similar mind-set.

Jeroen joined Philips in 2007. His time with the company has seen him based predominantly in Best, a small town in the Netherlands. He has been employed as a Supply Chain Manager since August 2015, but previously worked as a Planning Manager and a Sales & Operational Planning Analyst.

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