Charlotte is a chatty, effervescent online marketer working on Domestic Appliances and Coffee within the Personal Health Digital team at the Philips Benelux office in Eindhoven. She’s full of enthusiasm and energy, thanks to the ever-changing nature of her role and the friendliness of her team.
As part of her Insta-takeover, she explains how her arrival at Philips couldn’t have been more ‘digital’ and why she finds working in ‘online’ within a global organization to be the most fun, exciting place she could be.
Life @ Philips is surprising and engaging. I get to work on cool digital projects with the best team.
My joining Philips was digital through and through. It’s true! Online marketing got me my job in online marketing.
“I joined Philips 2 years ago. I’d worked in digital marketing before, after my graduation in Marketing Management from the University of Tilburg. The role wasn’t what I hoped for, though, so I took some time out to go travelling; volunteering in the Philippines. While I was there I met the person, who would become my current manager. She left the Philippines to take up a job at Philips and, when I was in my third month of traveling, she posted a new job opportunity on Facebook. I applied for the job and became a 100% digital hire!”
I work with the best team. We work closely and collaboratively and learn every day
“When I started our team was 5 people-strong. There is now 16of us and it’s a crazy, great team where our roles and challenges change every day. We have a lot of fun; discovering, solving and challenging together. There are lots of different skill-sets and personalities - yellow, red, blue; mostly - but that’s what makes it work so well. It’s hectic and busy and brilliant.”
Using digital dashboards, I’m excited about how we’re engaging with people in a more and more personal way.
“One of the great things about digital marketing is its ability to be personal. In my role, I have the opportunity to have a 360-degree view of both the DA and Coffee business units from a digital perspective – website, SEO, SEA, RER, CRM. We have great dashboard tools that give us more insights into what’s happening and create amazing visualizations so we – and our agencies - can track, analyze and give people a truly personal, preferred experience. Digital is really supporting the personal trend.”
One of the coolest projects I’ve worked on has been with the Philips Chef
“He’s such a great guy – very in touch with his fan base and so passionate about product development. And really authentic. He was a hospital chef but now works with our products on a daily basis, creating recipes that every day people like you and me can make; recipes that make daily life healthy and delicious. We learn so much from his insights and I love helping share his expertise across the web and social media. His is such a great story”
We’re part of a big organization so there are a lot of processes and people to keep in mind
 “Philips is great at creating talent from within and you get a lot of support internally that helps you learn each day and build your role. You’re working as part of a global company though so you need to learn how to involve people, processes and how to operate. When things haven’t turned out the way I’ve wanted them to it has been because I forgot to involve people. I learnt by failing fast, by doing and by being given the flex to grow.”
I feel that what I’m working on is the future 
“I always knew I wanted to work in online marketing - gaining my degree and my Google certificates - but the job I had before turned out to be more sales focused. My role now is exactly why I wanted to work in digital. It’s dynamic, relevant and what we’re doing is changing every day based on our learnings. At the moment, it’s so exciting how our ability to really personalize is changing and will support our customer obsession commitment. Currently targeted is based on big micro groups but nano-personalization is ever closer. It really feels that I’m working on the future.”
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