Amber is a bubbly, lively junior PR manager based at the Philips Benelux office in Eindhoven. Friendly, fast-thinking and a natural communicator, she’s just the sort of interested and interesting personality you’d want representing your products, solutions and services.

As part of her Insta-takeover, Amber explains how she’s excited to be growing into her role at Philips, why she thinks it is so important for brands to connect and present a friendly face and how she and her team are passionate about ‘doing PR differently’.
From building relationships to writing press releases, I love everything about my role. My weeks are busy with big and small events; there’s always something fun and interesting going on.
I saw a temporary vacancy at Philips and jumped at the opportunity to join the PR team, hoping to impress enough to be made permanent. Thank goodness I did!
“I joined Philips in May 2015 initially on a temporary placement. From the word go, I knew I wanted to stay and luckily I had a great click with my manager. My degree was in Media and Entertainment Management and I had interned in New York for a guerrilla marketing company but I knew I wanted to start my career in the Netherlands. I grew up near Amsterdam so when I saw the opening at Philips, I was immediately interested. Last year the company won two awards for being the best employer in the Netherlands and I totally understand why. It’s a great place to learn from experts around you and develop your professional career.” 
At first, I was intimidated by the size of the company - full of so many people doing so many different things - but it’s amazingly friendly. Personal and collegiate.
“I didn’t want to work in a big grey building and my job couldn’t be further from that. It’s a great place to learn in the company of friends and I’m given a lot of freedom to do my thing. I love everything about my role. The press launches, the collaborations, writing the press releases, being the face of our brand to journalists and influencers."
The way we do PR is evolving. It’s not only about earned media but now the voice of the influencer. We collaborate a lot, tell stories together and make content with ambassadors and influencers. It’s exciting and busy.
“PR has changed so much over the years. My manager has 18 year’s experience that I get to learn from. It’s not champagne and models, rather strategy, intelligence and connectivity. We’re passionate about building relationships and bringing personality to our connections and work more and more closely with CRM, social and digital. We create a lot of content. Our ambassadors post it on their platforms and channels and we share on our website and social channels.”
One of the coolest projects was the OneBlade press launch. It’s a great example of our 360-degree approach to creating content with press and influencers
“We worked with our PR agency to create a really cool crazy beard concept for our OneBlade press launch in Studio Automat, an industrial-looking white space we took over in Amsterdam. We had 5 models with different beards and even a shaveable wall where you could experience OneBlade for yourself. All the Dutch and Belgian press there – influencers, men’s magazine journalists, male bloggers, Esquire etc. It was so successful, resulting in loads of coverage and reviews. We also did 5 collaborations with influencers. They all made videos and shared them on their platforms where they go tonnes of views.”
I really enjoyed working on the Healthy Drinks Pop Up Kitchen, connecting our products to their purpose of making life better
 “We set up a pop up kitchen in Utrecht station for 5 days and our influencer partners, like Men’s Health magazine, created a different healthy juice recipe for each day of the week. Booster Monday, Refresher Tuesday etc. It was really popular and showed how easy it can be – with a little bit of imagination – to get your daily portion of health.”
I’m in regular contact with my key media but I’m learning I also need to network within Philips
 “It’s fascinating working out how a big organization works. Just like with media relations, you have to build bonds. I’m building my relationships within Philips and learning how to prioritize and present. I share monthly updates and try to keep everyone informed and updated on what we’re doing.”
I just want to soak it up. There are so many exciting opportunities to explore 
 “There’s so much ahead to look forward to. Over the next few years, I want to grow within my role, sharing our approach to PR across Benelux and also globally. I work in a very human, personal, exciting place and it really is the best place to learn the ropes and explore what’s possible.”
On my Instagram, I’ll be highlighting how busy and diverse weeks can be. There’s always something fun and interesting going on.
 “It’s the national week of not eating meat and we’re a sponsor, so I’ll be sharing some of the magazine articles and recipes. I’m a flexitarian and try to eat less meat so I’m really interested in it. It’s also the Dental Expo so we’ll have a press breakfast for Sonicare news too.”
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