Nadine is an energetic, friendly marketer with long wavy blonde hair and an infectious smile and spirit. Working in haircare, she looks and sounds the part.
Here though, she explains how her two years at Philips has – despite being a dauntingly large and complex international company – rapidly boosted her confidence and maturity and given her far more responsibility than she would have expected, leaving her eager to learn and experience more:
"I’ve been at Philips for 2 years now. During my masters in Marketing Management, I discovered that I really wanted work in marketing, preferably starting with a traineeship. Some traineeships can be rather fixed but I wanted to find one that would  let me explore my interests. I believe that, if you can find a way to follow your passion, it will all come together. You’ll get so much energy from doing what you love! 

A friend recommended Philips and I was surprised at the fit. They had advanced products and a focus on innovation that really matters."
Joining Philips, I immediately got 15 new friends.
“It’s hard to say it without sounding cheesy but the people are really nice. On the trainee program, I got 15 new friends and we’ve done great things like the Race of the Classics together. There’s a real history of investment in people and you can actually see it and feel it.
Opportunities open up very naturally. You’re encouraged to be independent and jump on the train.
"Philips is very much a ‘what about? Can I?’ type of place. Early  on I was given the chance to organize PIM. It’s our biggest internal market event. Think 300 people from all over the world for 3 days. It was terrifying but it was also fantastic to be given the chance. Since then I’ve organized 3 PIMs and helped  at IFA 2017.”
Best still, you’re treated as a grown up.
“It really is possible to shape your own career and build positive relationships. It’s a place where opinions and discussions are encouraged and you will perform better and try harder because the environment inspires you to take ownership.”
I’m a perfectionist but since I’ve been here I’ve discovered a real learning mindset. You’re encouraged to be yourself, get out of your comfort zone, show your insecurities and reach out if you need support. It’s a surprisingly open and flexible place.
I’m really grateful that I’ve found the job I’m super passionate about.

“Through organizing PIM and IFA, I got to know about a marketing communications role, and had a feeling this might just be the thing for me. Now, I work on the marketing communications and 360 campaign strategy and creation for our new HairCare launches. We combine analytical and creative insights to come up global communications that engage our consumers. It’s also great to work with products* that I’m absolutely in love with.

*if you want to know my absolute favorite, it’s our new StyleCare Prestige Autocurler – it creates beautiful curls twice as fast!  ”

The most surprising thing is I can be myself at work.
Make a career switch. Amaze yourself at Philips.