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An inside peek at Philips life

Janneke Annegarn, Research Scientist

Janneke Annegarn talks about her role as a Research Scientist for Lifeline. Lifeline with AutoAlert is the first pendant-style help button that can automatically place a call for help...

Dawn Jorgensen, Senior Manager Research

Dawn Jorgenson talks about her role as a Sr. Manager Research for AED. Philips Automated External Defibrillators (AED) are safe, easy to use for people with a non medical background...

The culture is very open

Sarah is not the kind of person who plans her career ahead. If you ask her where she’s going to be in the next 5 years, she will simply say ‘I don’t know.’

Part of the future

Coming from the Netherlands, it’s no surprise that Karen was aware of the level of innovation at Philips. But even so, she still thought it was an old company focused mainly on lighting.

Philips in Africa

The work our people do in Africa changes lives for the better. Join us as we tackle the big issues, healthcare, personal wellbeing, safety and more.


Applied research

We have over a century of applied research behind us and a world-leading portfolio of over 130,000 patents; the result of our diverse, multi-disciplinary work. You'll get the opportunity to pair with other research centers, businesses, clients, start-ups, academic peers and other partners in an open, collaborative environment to successfully translate innovative ideas into commercially relevant solutions.


Lead the field in your research career at Philips


Opportunities are varied and many, from trend-spotting, idea creation and proving concepts to first-of-a-kind product development. Our global network of research laboratories is a vibrant multicultural community of highly-educated scientists and technologists from more than 50 different countries; the perfect environment for continuous learning and knowledge sharing. Not only will you discover the surprising and amazing, you'll find that your career is too.


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