Manufacturing starts here
Manufacturing is a driving force in our business. As a healthcare company, we are committed to meaningful innovation and creating some of the most groundbreaking products in healthtech today. With two sites in the Netherlands at the Philips Innovation Centre Eindhoven North (PIC-E North) and in Drachten which are among our biggest development and production centres worldwide, we’re hubs of pioneering activity. You can make an impact on people’s lives at our sustainable high-tech manufacturing facilities where we share space with research and development, services and other supporting businesses.
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I’m working in a very dynamic environment, and you can see everything happening on the shop floor. Production is nearby, so you are really at the heart of it all.”
Jeroen Rommers, Sustaining Engineer
Take your career to the next level

Revolutionising manufacturing
You’ll be working in a collaborative environment to optimise the manufacturing process in response to changing demands and conditions in production, and customer needs.

A thriving career
Challenge yourself to try new things and explore innovative solutions in a dynamic environment. Your ability to embrace the unexpected and realise opportunities will help improve performance and workflow while mainitaining our highest quality standards. There’s never been a better time for a career in healthcare manufacturing.y.
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