Answering questions in front of a potential employer can be challenging. We’ve gathered some tips and suggestions from recruiters at Philips to help you ace your next job interview.
Prepare. Prepare. Prepare.

Do your research on the company ahead of the interview. Check out the website and learn what you can about the organization. Read the latest annual report and find out about the company’s strategy, plans and leaders.

“If you're connected to someone who’s working at the company, talk to them and get an insider’s view of the work culture,” says Aleksandar, a marketing professional at Philips. Otherwise, check out Glassdoor reviews and see what past and present employees are saying about working there.
“Analyze the job description, trying to identify, what skillset and competencies are needed. Then think about the most common questions, that can be asked at the interview and prepare your winning answers,” says Mariia, Talent Acquisition Consultant from Philips.

Don’t forget to check your interviewers on LinkedIn!

Be yourself

You may not want to reveal all your flaws during an interview but be honest about what you know and what you don’t know. Be yourself and answer questions with sincerity.

If an interviewer invites you to share your biggest weakness, your answer should not be chocolate fudge cake.

Your responses provide the recruiter or hiring manager with some telling insights about your reaction in an unexpected situation as well as your sense of self-awareness and constructive self-criticism. Embrace each question and consider it an opportunity to demonstrate how you overcame a relevant challenge and how it links to the position for which you’re applying.

Data rules the world

While answering the question be as factual as possible. Provide concrete examples and support them with numbers and other data. A good helpful method for this is SMART, by using this you will be able to give concrete examples. 

Don’t be modest

Interview isn’t the best time to be modest. Be confident talking about any promotion, overachievements, side projects, that might be relevant for the job and impress your interviewer.
Always keep in mind that it’s important to remember that while you are interviewing for a job, the interview is a two-way street, giving you an opportunity to assess a prospective employer, a perspective that might help you become less anxious. 

Here at Philips we use a tailor-made approach for every role. We can include competence or biography-based interview, business interviews etc. 

Philips is an international, varied and dynamic working environment. Offices are all over the globe. The chance to make a positive contribution to the world through innovation. We have loads of learning opportunities through development programs, training and mentorship. You can participate in cool projects with a meaning, from artificial intelligence exploration to innovations like the new generation in image-guided therapy.

At the end of the day we don’t want just the ideas on the table, we want you to come and bring them to life at Philips. 
Make a career switch. Amaze yourself at Philips.