Are you a current student looking for an opportunity to find out what the real working world looks like? Are you interested in getting a behind-the-scenes view of life at a health technology company? We'd be happy to show you.   
We're keen to meet students that want to make a difference in the world and help us improve people's lives. Experience what it's like to be at the leading edge of HealthTech innovation and see what healthcare's future really looks like.  
We offer practical, hands-on internships in research, engineering, software, business, finance and supply chain management throughout the year. Work alongside and learn from the best in their field across a broad range of projects and business groups that match your career interests. And, while you're welcome to write your thesis on Philips, it's not a prerequisite. You only have to be currently enrolled in university. Philips offers the perfect opportunity to learn, grow and make a difference to the future – both yours and the world's. 
What you can expect
Personal development is something we take very seriously at Philips. When you come aboard as an intern, you'll be given many responsibilities - and our support in learning how to handle them. Your team will want to know what you think, and your ideas will be listened to, just as each employee's voice is heard equally.   

We've also worked hard to make sure that our newest teammates know they're not alone. You'll be able to find and connect with other interns easily, both on and offline via the digital community and through many social, networking and team-building activities.  

Don't just take our word for it: Hear what our interns have to say!


​​​​​​​Life as a Philips intern: don't just be a game changer, be a life changer


Inside High Tech Campus in the Netherlands

Young Professionals at Philips

More from our interns

“At Philips, you are treated as an equal; giving you a platform to share your knowledge and unique perspective on important topics.”
Sophie Dob
Business Transformation Intern
“I was given responsibilities and opportunities from day one at Philips. This, combined with the young international team I work in, has resulted in an exciting journey so far.”
Cyprien Lordet
Marketing Intern
“To me, building a professional career and igniting ambitions through an inclusive yet challenging working environment are the top assets gained from an internship at Philips. I would recommend it to anyone who thinks they are up for the challenge.”
Rinze Bloem
Intern Real Estate Strategy and Portfolio Management 

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