Check out all our internship opportunities
If you are a student looking for practical work experience in an internship at a diverse international company, We offer plenty of opportunities throughout the year. 

You can choose from a wide range of internships across different projects and business groups that match your interests. You will gain useful skills on the job, guided by experienced colleagues. The perfect way to learn more about your strengths, while learning more about Philips.

Investing in your growth
You will quickly gain new experience and develop new skills at a Philips internship. You are given the freedom to explore new things and prove what you can accomplish working in teams and on your own. As you carry out projects, you get to know the ins and outs of Philips. A mentor advises you and evaluates your performance, based on your school’s guidelines and your own goals, so we both know where we stand. The experience gained through a Philips internship results in a future job offer for many candidates.

Valuing your input

If you are selected for a Philips internship, you will be treated as a regular employee and we will value your contribution. Your opinions, your vision, your way of thinking, and your ideas for solving challenges are important.

Philips internship community

You can enrich your experience through our networking community. Here you connect with other interns and share experiences and challenges that you face. This gives you insight into how other parts of Philips work, and broadens your knowledge of the organization.