Don't just impress your
team. Impress the world.

​​​​​​​"Don't just come for work experience. Come for life experience!
Are you currently a student looking for an internship experience? A recent graduate tentatively taking their first career step? Whatever your situation, consider this – there are very, very few other companies out there who offer what we do.

A truly international, varied and dynamic working environment. Offices and activities all over the globe. The chance to make a positive contribution to the world through innovation. Loads of learning opportunities through development programs, training and mentorship. Participation in extremely cool projects, from artificial intelligence explorations to innovations like the game-changing OneBlade shaver, Sonicare DiamondClean smart connected toothbrush and Azurion, the new generation in image-guided therapy, or Lumify, the app-based ultrasound for compatible smart devices. Wouldn’t it be cool to work on any of those?

In many countries we offer traineeships, internships and regular jobs. And don’t worry if you’re unsure about which direction to take. We’ll give you the space and support you need to discover your own path (plenty of our employees currently do something very different to when they first started).

Amaze yourself at Philips

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​"We see patients actually becoming better with our technology, and I think that’s really such an interesting thing to see.”

Something bigger than us all
.Working at Philips – whether you’re in marketing, finance, design, human resources, product management or otherwise – means being at the forefront of innovation and digital disruption. You may well be involved in hackathons, partnerships with external start-ups or ground-breaking research not taking place anywhere else on the planet.

What you’ll probably also discover is that your professional and personal lives often intersect in unexpected and fulfilling ways. For example, you could be part of a team that develops an ultrasound scanner which shows the first moving images of your sister’s unborn child. Work on an app that encourages your neighbor’s kids to brush their teeth. Or on personal care products that make friends feel better about how they look.

In other words; we’re not developing abstract products for faceless consumers. We’re bringing relevant innovation into real people’s lives. If that idea excites you, we’d love to have you on board.
When you're at your best, we're at ours
We offer a variety of benefits and health programs to help keep you strong, mentally and physically – able to do your best work, while making your entire life more rewarding. 

For example, our flexible working policy helps you balance work and your life outside work in a way that maintains productivity and personal well-being. Ours is an inclusive workplace that's engaging, helping you grow through meaningful challenges and an enriching environment of like-minded professionals.

“ I think every single position really shapes your idea of what you want to do next.”

A career path that rewards curiosity and opens new doors
We offer challenging and satisfying work, inspiring colleagues, multi-disciplinary teams, extensive learning resources, the scope to flourish, involvement with meaningful products and solutions, and personal mentorship to draw out your full potential.

At Philips, you can expect the unexpected. The advanced technology you develop today may restore better health to a patient tomorrow. You may discover connections between data, diagnoses and clinical pathways that accelerate the speed of care. Or you may uncover the hidden potential of an older technology, leveraging new data sets to fix stubborn medical challenges.

The surprises extend to your personal development as well. In addition to on-the-job learning, you'll receive coaching, mentoring and formal training. 

Discover the amazing ways you can bring your career to life at Philips.

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