Don't just make a living
Make a difference

Working at Philips is more than just a job.

It is an opportunity to create a healthier and more sustainable society through meaningful innovation. Are you a student, or have you recently graduated? Find out where you fit in at Philips. Check our opportunities, internships and traineeships and take a sneak peek behind the scenes. We hope to meet you soon!  

The opportunities we offer

Young intern making a heart sign at Philips Campus
The best way to get to know us is through an internship. We have many intern opportunities throughout the year.
Get to know much more about the work we do up close and personal by spending six to nine months with Philips.
Team members at Philips working together
We provide different traineeship programs throughout India. We offer management traineeships, where trainees rotate within the program and experience different assignments.
We also arrange specific functional traineeships, where you maximize your experience within a chosen department, such as supply chain or IT, for example. 

Hiring cycle coming soon
Young graduate learning at Philips Graduate Program
Graduate Development Program
Now is the time to explore possibilities. You’ll have the chance to experience various projects and roles, rotating through three different assignments during your time with us.
Young graduate working at Philips
Graduate opportunities
​​​​​Occasionally, we also have opportunities outside these programs. Find out what's on offer.

What's in it for you, when you join Philips?

Hear from our recruiters across India on what makes Philips a great place, to do the work of your life.

A place to grow your career

"I had a stint with Philips as intern around 4 years back under research team & I decided to work here permanentally. People here are really passionate & helpful. Work here is of my interest & I get a great exposure. Philips encourages you to work your way & on what you want to work . My team here is like my family."​​​​​​​

Amritha Bhandarkar
 Development Engineer, Philips Healthcare
"Being in Philips has allowed me to develop my innovative thinking. We are encouraged to develop and work on our own ideas, and to adapt to changes quickly."
Nate Lee
Development Engineer, Philips Healthcare
Want to know more about our purpose, our strategy, and the work we do for our planet?