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Saskia, Handheld Diagnostics

“This is the first job I had where the diversity is so big.”

Anastasia, Handheld Diagnostics

“I found a job that inspires me, and I am very happy with that.”

David, Light and Health

“We have people under one roof with the freedom to be fast and catch markets.”

Marcel, Handheld Diagnostics

“If you like routine, don't come work at our place. Lots of exciting things are happening.”

Maria, Digital Pathology

“You know that what you do means something, and that is priceless I would say.”

Assignment examples

Assignment Develop a new membrane for high speed, low volume blood testing, enabling quicker diagnosis at the patient's bedside.

Business: Handheld Diagnostics Enabling near patient blood in the acute care setting. When time counts, make diagnostic decisions on-the-spot from a simple finger prick blood test.


Both the commercial and technical tracks allow you to build a set of critical skills to manage significant projects and grow as a person or business leader.

Why join?

You will be on the mission: You will work on things that impact lives
Tangible work experience:
​​​​​​​You will work on real projects with direct impact on the business Structured approach:

  • - Up to 3 assignments (taking 24 months in total)
  • - Within the technical or commercial track
  • - Work within 2 different businesses and 2 countries

You will be on the mission: You will be provided with best in class mentoring & coaching support while being on assignment
Great social and networking opportunities:
You will enjoy social life and networking opportunities, meeting other colleagues and senior Philips employees during formal and informal events
Job offer:
​​​​​​​In our program, a job offer is made to 90% of program participants


International Talent Management program

Thiemo, Optical Development Engineer
Want to ease pain using light?
"At Philips, I work to develop innovative treatments that harness the power of light to address skin conditions and improve lives, including my own. It's a noble cause and motivates everything my team does..."
Maria, Software developer
Want to change the way doctors find cancer?
"At Philips, my teams digital imaging systems help health care professionals work and collaborate better, leading to faster and more efficient cancer diagnoses. Our work literally changed how things are done. And it's just the beginning..."
Bassim, Sales manager
Want to make health tech your business?
"At Philips, I get to shape the way my business becomes a success. My team has a passion for bringing powerful, innovative health tech products to market, working with our clients and growing a market from the ground up..."

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