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This kind of impact as an intern is incredible

How I make life better for people
My internship experience at Philips: making a real difference where it matters the most
Life as a Philips trainee: Why start your career at Philips?
What was your internship project at Philips?
A journey towards personal growth - Life at Philips
Life as a Philips intern: don't just be a game changer, be a life changer
“It’s not just about a job; it’s about improving people’s lives.”
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Working at Philips isn’t just about starting your first ‘serious’ job. It’s an experience filled with unexpected moments that will transform you in lasting and positive ways - both personally and professionally. Develop yourself as we improve the world together.

A place to grow your career

"I had a stint with Philips as intern around 4 years back under research team & I decided to work here permanentally. People here are really passionate & helpful. Work here is of my interest & I get a great exposure. Philips encourages you to work your way & on what you want to work . My team here is like my family."​​​​​​​

Amritha Bhandarkar
 Development Engineer, Philips Healthcare
"Being in Philips has allowed me to develop my innovative thinking. We are encouraged to develop and work on our own ideas, and to adapt to changes quickly."
Nate Lee
Development Engineer, Philips Healthcare